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Things Fall Apart

We cut to Hannah calling Dexter and telling him she thinks she's been made. Dexter tells her to stay put and then does a U-turn. Then he's walking into Deb's to find Hannah with her bags packed. She tells him she tried to change her flight but everything's booked because of the storm, and Deb pipes up that Hannah will stay in an airport hotel until it's time to go. Dexter breaks the news about Daniel turning up and making thinly-veiled threats against all of them. But Deb thinks she can handle Daniel and encourages Dexter to leave with Hannah, who says she's got her money accessible now in an offshore account. Deb adds that the storm is going to ground all flights when it hits, but Dexter is too worried that Daniel might still come after them, which is reasonable. I mean, Dexter went to Paris to kill Lila (and thank God for that), so surely Daniel could hop a flight to Argentina to take Dexter out. Hannah doesn't like it, but her sigh is a concession.

Deb and Hannah pull up to the hotel, and when Hannah guesses this is goodbye, Deb amends that with "for now". She's going to see Dexter and Harrison in the future, and Hannah's now obviously part of that package. She goes on that she thinks Dexter's making a big mistake going after Daniel, and after they commiserate about Dexter's inability to let things go, Hannah sighs that she must really love Dexter. Deb: "Me too. Even though I don't want to." Now that she's with Quinn, we can all conclude that she's back to a sisterly kind of affection, right? Wouldn't it be nice to say goodbye to the series with that thought? Hannah leaves, and a hug would probably be too much but her warm smile is still something no one would have predicted a few episodes ago.

Dexter sends one of the videos he got from Saxon to a news tip line (their crummy website is going to handle a file that big?) as DVO talks about turning up the heat on Daniel. Someone makes some comments that are aimed at an even slower subset of the viewing audience than normal, but the upshot is that Hannah's presence has caused his need to kill to lessen if not completely abate. Once again, I think we got it.

Nikki turns up to Quinn and Deb with the DNA report, and Quinn tells Deb about Daniel's relationship to Vogel. Deb does a credible job of acting surprised, and Quinn wonders if Daniel could have killed Vogel as well as Cassie. Quinn, maybe you'll make sergeant after all! Particularly since the actor playing Angie's services seem no longer to be required.

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