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Things Fall Apart

Dexter appears to consider Daniel's offer before telling him he can live with it, and a pleased Daniel says he'll tell Sylvia he's put an offer on the table. I really hope he actually is planning to buy the place, because moving in on Dexter's territory like that would actually be an interesting character beat. DVO, however, intones that Daniel wants him to walk away "without realizing he's just reminded me why I can't." Fair enough, since he's probably referring to Deb, but good luck explaining this one to Sylvia the single mom who depends solely on commissions.

Clayton comes into Elway's office and tells him his suspicion that Deb's got Hannah at her place. Elway's skeptical that Deb would harbor someone she professed to hate so much, but Clayton presses him, so he goes on to admit that they didn't part on the best of terms. He doesn't add that he caused this friction by acting like an intractable meathead, but Clayton's sharp enough to assume that, I'm sure. Clayton tells Elway that if he's interested in the reward, he'll figure out how to patch things up with Deb.

Deb is just returning to her house to find Hannah nervously whipping up yet another gourmet meal, and I wonder who's been tasked with her shopping list? Deb tells Hannah that she should go on a competitive cooking show, and before I can make a joke about the potential twists and turns of such an appearance, Hannah dryly says she'd make sure she'd win. Deb can't even get her eyebrows raised at the "murder, hee hee" joke before there's a knock on the door. When Deb looks and realizes it's Elway, Hannah quickly withdraws into the bedroom. Deb opens up and greets him neutrally, and he explains that he's holding a couple items from her office that security missed. She's like, "Great, see you on the flip side", but he tells her he also wanted to talk to her and barges in through her objection that it isn't a great time. He apologizes for the way he behaved when she left, and even though such a sentiment is appropriate, the way he can't even look her in the eye because he's too busy casing the joint somewhat belies his sincerity.

Deb, fairly clear about what he's doing and is like, "Great, get out" but Elway notices the place settings and asks if she's expecting company. Deb, once again proving she's learned how to lie, is like, "That's right and I need to get ready so GET THE FUCK OUT ALREADY!" (She threw a "kindly" in there, but otherwise that's pretty much verbatim). Elway leaves, and Deb locks the door in disgust before telling Hannah that Elway's onto her, so she has to move fast.

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