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Things Fall Apart

Okay, first off, great results on those five (maybe six?) people who came to see the place yesterday, and second, how is anyone ready to make an offer if they haven't even seen the place? I mean, I wouldn't expect Sylvia to ask those questions when she's smelling a commission, but what sets off your alarm bells these days, Dexter? He says he'll be there in half an hour, but no sooner after he's disconnected does Batista buttonhole him to reminisce a bit about their first case together before getting everyone's attention and announcing that while this is a solemn occasion. (HAHAHA, like anyone but Matthews has even mentioned Vogel). Dexter wouldn't let Batista throw him a goodbye party, so he's making this it. He goes on to say that Dexter will always be in their hearts and to wish him luck, and Dexter looks at a genuine loss for words as he tells the group he'll miss them too. It's definitely some real emotion he's feeling, but if he can name more people in this group than you can count on one hand, I'll have lost a bet with myself.

Dexter's approaching his door when we see Sylvia standing with her back to him, and she's blocking the client's face from view but he's wearing the same outfit as in the station and also COME ON. So, yes, it's Daniel, although DVO's exhausted "again" is fairly amusing. Dexter leads the group in, but Sylvia barely gets into her spiel before Daniel asks if he could talk directly to Dexter, adding that he'd like to skip the sales pitch. Sylvia is taken aback for a moment but, after a shrug of acceptance from Dexter, rolls with it and exits to make some phone calls, whereupon Daniel (his accent seriously coming out on the word "deliver") says he has a proposal for Dexter: they each go their separate ways and allow the other to live in peace. Dexter's like, "It's hard for me to entertain that idea when you killed your mother and also kind of mine right in front of me," but Daniel smiles that Vogel chose Dexter, and that he found it cathartic to kill her.

Now, he's similarly giving Dexter a choice: to walk away and live, or to come after him and die. Dexter clearly doesn't want to play, and he flashes that awesome "Don't fuck with me" smile on his face as he notes that Daniel is pretty sure of himself. Daniel counters that Dexter has much more to lose than he does, that he's created the perfect cover life with his girlfriend "Hannah" and sister and son. Of course the fact that Hannah and Deb both know Dexter's true nature means that they're not a cover life in the way that Daniel means, but the threat is real. Daniel presses on by adding that Dexter's already had one wife murdered. "That must be an interesting story," he says. (Ha, even though it's not, really).

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