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Things Fall Apart

Anyway, downstairs is almost as much of a time-waster with a chat. Topics covered include the fact that Dexter's in a hurry to leave the country (I think we knew that) and that he doesn't sound like "the old Dexter" insofar as he's willing not to kill Daniel himself (also got that, thanks). So the only thing of consequence that happens in the sequence takes two full minutes to get to… and that's Dexter finding Daniel's laptop behind a hidden wall compartment. When he sees the videos of Daniel killing his victims, he's like, this is exactly what I need. But, you saw those videos last episode, remember? When you copied the one of Zack? You could just have grabbed Vogel's laptop out of the evidence room. Why is this so revelatory now?

Deb is working late, so Quinn stops by on her way out and asks if she's going to Vogel's memorial the next day. From his point of view, Vogel saved Deb from a complete psychotic break. If only he knew…but then again he never knows anything. Deb tells him she is, of course, and Quinn leaves with a wink and a flirt. Then Clayton turns up and is like, "Hey, reports are that Hannah turned up to the hospital with Dexter's kid and said she was you, and what do you think about that?" Deb lies that she took Harrison in and that the woman at the hospital must have been mistaken "because I haven't been blonde since…a very bad freshman year." Prequel! Undoubtedly, Clayton doesn't believe her, but he plays it cool and takes off.

The next day we see a solemn group is emerging from a church. Matthews thanks the MM people for coming and then asks who wants a drink, and the look on everyone's face is like, this may be a trick question but fuck it.

Then we're at Papa's. That set is getting a lot of work for a place you'd think Batista wouldn't have time to run now that he's a LIEUTENANT instead of RETIRED. Dexter's leaning against the railing separating the interior from the beach when Deb breaks off from flirting with Quinn to come over and tell Dexter everyone's really going to miss him. Dexter gives a genuine smile and says he knows. Matthews then stops by and talks about how proud Harry would be of both of them and how they've been like family to him. So I guess Deb thinking that Matthews wouldn't welcome her back to the force with open arms was about as astute as one of Batista's usual reads? He tells them he'll get them another round, brushing off Dexter's attempts to leave early.

We then get a quick check-in with, presumably, the winner for the Plot That Went Nowhere Award as Masuka once again apologizes for his overprotective behavior and Nikki once again tells him it was no big deal. Elsewhere, Dexter gives Quinn his blessing to pursue something with Deb, and it's not like Quinn couldn't wait out twenty-four hours here but it's still a nice sentiment as Dexter goes on that he wants to see Deb with someone who makes her happy. His tone and expression make it clear that he thinks Quinn could be that guy. They shake hands because a hug between these two would be even weirder than the one Dexter had with Batista. Then Dexter's phone rings: it's Sylvia, and she's got someone who "wants to see the place, wants to meet the seller, and is ready to make an offer …cash."

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