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Things Fall Apart

Dexter shows his boat to some middle-aged doofus who's more interested in the size of the beer cooler than anything else. Dexter's like, "Thanks, I may be desperate to sell but I still think I'll wait for someone slightly more discerning than you". Also, a "Hurricane Laura" is coming to town, and since imparting that information is obviously the only point to the scene, you can guess she's going to be fairly important.

In Austin Metro (I really am running out of U.S. cities, so it's a good thing the series is ending) Dexter is doing some more Daniel research and realizes that although he's moved around a lot, his vocation has stayed consistent. Masuka then comes in to report that he found -- wait for it -- nothing at Vogel's. As much as I point out how much worse at his job Dexter is than he thinks, they'd still better hire one hell of a replacement for him or they're going to lose what little competence they have. I'm also not sure why that little interruption was even needed, it's not like we would have assumed any different, especially given that Masuka then heads right back out. Regardless, Dexter continues with his research and realizes that Daniel issued a demolition permit for a hospital that's still standing and correctly pegs it as a place Daniel might do his dirty work. Nikki then comes in and tells Dexter (who hilariously obviously has no use for her) that Quinn has someone on whom he needs Dexter to do a DNA swab.

When Dexter enters the conference room, he sees Daniel is speaking to Quinn. Assuming he's doing this as a taunt (it's a nice little twist) Quinn pipes up that he came in to clear his name on the Cassie case. Daniel adds that he didn't even know he was a suspect, although you'd have to be pretty tone-deaf not to realize Deb and Quinn were thinking that way the last time they talked to him. Quinn doesn't bring that up, but he does point out that clearing out of his apartment so suddenly looked suspicious. So Daniel manufactures some ersatz emotion as he replies that he couldn't stay after he and Cassie had spent so much time there.

He even pulls Dexter in, saying he knew Cassie and what a good person she was. I'm kind of surprised we don't get one of those quick imagined shots of, perhaps, Dexter jamming the DNA swab all the way into Daniel's ear. But whatever game Daniel's playing, it seems like he gets more than he bargained for when Quinn mentions the DNA sample and he asks if that's really necessary. Dexter is like, "Oh, it's necessary, especially with the timetable I'm on", and he swabs Daniel's mouth with relish before Quinn somewhat aggressively informs him he can go. The way Daniel keeps up his mannered politeness when it's clear Quinn wants to spit on him should be seen as plenty suspicious.

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