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Things Fall Apart

After Dexter sends Harrison off to get his backpack, Hannah hands him a paper with their itinerary on it: they leave in two days, arriving in Buenos Aires, via Rio. Dexter is like, great, but there's one slight complication, and he tells her about Vogel and Daniel. Hannah asks if he's sure he can take care of Daniel in so short a period of time, but he flatly assures her that he can. (Here's a lesser-known Lisa Simpson quote that I still use all the time: "What are you basing that on?" In case you can't place it, the proper response is a pause followed by an enthusiastic "Who wants gingersnaps?")

Dexter is packing up his place when a middle-aged woman walks in and proudly announces that she's got five people coming by to see the place. She is rather well put-together so I'm wondering about the gender/sexual orientation makeup of the prospective purchasers, particularly if her website photos are flattering. After some nonsensical chat about the real estate market coming back, the realtor checks out a photo of Harrison and says he gotten so big, so I suppose this woman sold Dexter the place? OH SHIT, I just placed her! It's Sylvia Prado, Miguel's (Jimmy Smits) wife from way back in Season 3! How incredibly random! Except, with a little research, I found that the actress, Valerie Cruz, is on Homeland, so I'd imagine the network would want her to get a little face time here. Still odd that he'd go to someone whose husband he killed, but he's got enough victims at this point that maybe he's running out of options.

Anyway, she asks about the sudden move, and Dexter -- after giving a hilariously longing look at the air-conditioner -- explains that there are too many memories. (I wonder if he's mentally picturing happy times with his blood slides. Hee.) Sylvia then gets a call from someone she figures is Prospective Client No. 6, so she steps out to chat/ Jamie and Harrison join him and Harrison (his hair back to presentable), brandishing a sock monkey, accuses Dexter of packing up "monkey in a box." It's cute that they gave Harrison an episode title before the series ends, but I can't be the only one who as a child gave his stuffed animals less generic names than "Doggie" and "Monkey," can I? Dexter apologizes, and then when Jamie starts to get semi-watery about the two of them leaving, Dexter suggests she take Harrison for the night, and Jamie's only too happy to accept. I often think Dexter's lucky beyond credibility in the way his plans come together, but I have to admit this piece seemed like a pretty good bet.

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