Monkey in a Box

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Things Fall Apart

Just as the sun is coming up (SEE WHAT I MEAN), Deb pulls up and is being followed, unbeknownst to her, by Clayton. Inside, Deb finds Dexter outside the kill room, and Dexter tells her she should arrest Daniel and say she was looking into the buildings he inspected and found the hospital, which will result in her being the hero of MM. Deb's like, "I'm cool with that, but aren't your knives still in there?" Dexter tells her he's got a plane to catch so she should just leave the knives and people will think they belong to Daniel. He babbles some other details, but Deb stops him to ask for a hug, so they share an embrace while Dexter assures her it's just goodbye for now. Deb coos, "I know that, fuckface." Aww. They break apart, and Deb sends him off. As he gets in the car, someone tells him he doesn't need him anymore, like thanks for catching up to the rest of the class about five years late. Dexter takes off, and Deb calls for backup, but when Dexter drives off, we see that Clayton is no longer in his car.

That's because he's busting into the kill room and asking what the hell's going on. Once he removes Daniel's gag, Daniel puts on the terrified act and begs Clayton to help him. You'd think that of all people on the show a U.S. MARSHAL might keep tabs on manhunts in his current vicinity, but maybe he was too busy finishing a stakeout Sudoku puzzle to listen to the police wire. Also, whatever he may think of her, would he not wait for Deb before freeing this unknown quantity? Anyway, Clayton lets Daniel loose from his restraints and gets one of Dexter's knives buried in his chest for his trouble, and then Deb comes in and covers Daniel. Only, he's managed to snag Clayton's gun, which he quickly raises and shoots. Deb goes down, but she gets three shots off of her own, the last of which gets Daniel in the shoulder before he escapes out the side door. A close-up shows Daniel got Deb in the left side of her gut, but she manages to call in her predicament through her convulsive gasps. Once she's off, we see blood pooling beneath her.

Back at his place, Dexter is finishing packing as DVO talks (via tortured metaphors about light and dark) about how the people in his life have slowly overwhelmed his Dark Passenger. At the airport, Hannah checks the display board (their 1:42 PM flight is listed as on time), unaware that Elway is very near. Dexter and Harrison walk out as DVO talks about how bright his future is , but when we cut to black, a thunderclap hits on the soundtrack. One episode to go! See you next week for hopefully a minimal amount of filler!

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