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Things Fall Apart

At a gas station, Daniel is making what's probably a daily stop given the huge pickup he drives, at the gas station when, once again, he sees on the local news (the station conveniently has a TV on top of one of the pumps with a speaker setup, because OF COURSE IT DOES) that he's now a wanted man. He curses Dexter's name, and then we get almost fifteen seconds of him driving off.

We're back at Dexter's darkened apartment. Dexter's underneath his fugly bedspread when Daniel's shadow passes in front of his window, and soon Daniel's entering the place (not clear whether he forced the lock, but if he didn't have to he should be awfully suspicious here) and drawing a blade. Dramatic music plays as he approaches Dexter's bed, like there is even an infinitesimal chance that Dexter's in any danger whatsoever here. Then Dexter pops up and grapples with Daniel until Deb slides up from behind him and sticks her piece in the back of his head. Dexter then gives Daniel the needle, and Daniel slides backward into unconsciousness. Dexter tells Deb he'll take it from here, and Deb gives him an uncomplicated, loving smile before heading out.

Later Dexter is waking Daniel up, not in one of his plastic-wrapped kill rooms, but in the hospital where Daniel executed his victims. When Daniel sees where he is, he says, "I guess this means you've decided against the truce?" It'd be a better line if Daniel hadn't already broken it, but I'll give him points for his equanimity. (Accent issues aside, Darri Ingolfsson has been pretty good in this role).

Dexter tells him it's his own fault for not leaving when he had the chance, but Daniel easily tells him he likes Miami, listing among its attributes a murder solve rate of about twenty percent. Dexter chuckles in a way that can only mean "That's why I work there… for the idiots." A bit of retread about how Dexter has changed leads to Daniel saying he's never been good at relationships. "The longest was a couple of weeks, and she was chained to my radiator." Surprisingly, Dexter sees less humor in this one. Daniel goes on to wish Dexter luck with not killing Hannah in her sleep, but Dexter is like, "You don't get it – I love her, I'm even thinking about her now, and you know what? I don't need to be here!" Look, I get that this is supposed to be another big "Dexter becomes more human" character turn, but the practical thing would be not to leave an enemy at your back, particularly one with so much dirt on you and a personal grudge to boot. But no, Dexter tells Daniel that while he's going to die, it'll be in the electric chair (not even by lethal injection?), and he gags him before calling Deb (what the hell time is it?) and telling her there's been a change of plan.

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