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Things Fall Apart
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As Dexter uses Vogel's porcelain sink to rid himself of the blood on his hands, DVO vaguely blames himself for her death before going on that he's going to have to remove himself from her life. This leads to a quick sequence of him snagging some of her tapes and records before going to her computer and copying and deleting a bunch of files that presumably mention him. (You'd think that someone with the computer skills that Dexter has shown would have an idea more sufficient than this. Has he never heard of Time Machine?) DVO then says he has to call this in because he can't risk being spotted as he leaves the crime scene. He then kneels over Vogel's corpse as DVO offers some thoughts about avenging her death.

When then smash-cut to later where we find a bunch of MM personnel milling about the scene. Batista is sitting with Dexter (is this the first time a lawman has seen him in his signature I'm Going To Kill You brown shirt?) as he ascertains that Dexter (and Deb) were friendly with Vogel. Dexter's story is that she called him and asked him to stop by (well, that at least will match the phone records), but when he got there, he found the door kicked in and ran into the house, where he tried to stop her bleeding, but she was already dead. Quinn pipes up that "Miller" (she hasn't been around in ages, so not sure why we're pretending here) heard from a neighbor who said they saw a white male "in his forties" fleeing the scene in a pickup.

As long as we're truth-telling here: Daniel does not look anywhere near his forties, nor is Darri Ingolfsson even thirty-five. Also, it's nice that no one saw Dexter enter Vogel's place, or they would have reported that he was the one who kicked the door in. Batista sends Dexter home (probably much to his chagrin since he won't have the opportunity to cover up anything he missed), but they agree they'll see each other the next day for Dexter's farewell to the job. As Dexter heads out, DVO intones that Daniel may have a head start on him, but he intends to catch up. That self-confidence will probably serve you well, Dexter, even if I don't have the slightest idea where it's coming from.

Quite early in the morning, Dexter turns up at Deb's and gives her the bad news. They commiserate about the loss, agreeing that without Vogel, they might not have found their way back to each other. It's a nice sentiment, but I think they should at least give the fisherman who foiled Deb's murder-suicide attempt an assist. Dexter looks as moved as he gets before he seethes that with Daniel out there, Harrison needs to be safe with Jamie at Batista's place. Deb offers to go back to work that day so she can aid Dexter in his search for Daniel. Dexter's wary of the position Deb will be putting herself in, but she cautions him that should she find Daniel first, he won't be appearing on Dexter's table. Dexter gives Deb a processing side-eye, but any further discussion is curtailed by Harrison appearing with Hannah and proudly announcing that he combed his hair. Hannah's dry addition that "He insisted" probably tells you all you need to know about the results.

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