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Make Your Own Joke About the Thickness of Blood
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Dexter and Hannah are in bed, apparently having managed to secure the same hotel room despite the fact that Hannah surely checked out. Well, I suppose they didn't really need maid service. Dexter laments the fact that he has to go, whereupon Hannah tells him she's so sorry about Zack. Me too! If nothing else, he represented an age group not actually seen too often on this show. On the subject of his dead protégé, Dexter says he has to go see Vogel so they can figure out their next move before telling Hannah to remain indoors and out of sight. Hannah, however, has an errand she can't ignore: she's got to go see Arlene, who's holding some money Hannah sent her. It's money she's going to need now that Maggie Castner's bank accounts are closed to her. Dexter agrees and starts to say something else, but Hannah tells him she knows – be careful. Dexter: "Actually, I was gonna say 'I love you'." I only, like, seventy percent believe him, but still, Dexter FTW! Maggie returns the sentiment, and he buries his face in her neck…

…and then we cut to Vogel sighing her sympathy over Zack's fate and her realization that she'll have to figure out some way to let the family know. However you phrase it, Vogel, I doubt this is going to help the mother's drinking problem any. A wider shot reveals that they're in Zack's studio, and Dexter asks for a little time before she starts the process that will bring in MM. He then plays the song (which is a new method for me in scoring the episode title) but while Vogel tells him she's been listening to it for ages, she can't ascribe any significance to it other than supposing some of her patients might have heard her playing it over the years.

With that seemingly a dead end, Dexter, having concluded from the positioning of the furniture that a struggle took place, does a quick analysis but concludes that the killer cleaned up after himself. Vogel desperately says that TBS must be trying to send her a message rather than merely scaring her to death, and I'm not sure I completely follow that logic, not that Dexter cares either way: TBS killed Zack and then dumped his body in his house. "What if Harrison had been home?" I'm guessing he would have ended up with more bloody stuffed animals. Dexter declares his intention to kill TBS, and then further investigation bears fruit -- on the underside of one of Zack's desks -- where he finds a few hairs and some blood. It's hard to tell but he might have stuck them to some adhesive, maybe even gum? Whatever the case, it looks evident that Zack managed to leave a DNA sample of his killer as his last act. Vogel admires how calm and rational he obviously summoned the wherewithal to stay, an emotional evenness she's not sure Dexter's matching.

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