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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Previously on Dexter: There was a body with no blood, and Dexter got extra-big-ass psyched. The Ice Truck Killer threw one of his victim's heads at Dexter's windshield, and made Dexter want to "play." Doakes dug himself into a pretty deep hole with Guerrero, and MacNamara (brother to the now-dead wife of the undercover cop in Guerrero's crew, whom Doakes was also boning) dug it all the way to China. The ITK returned by placing his victim in the goal at the local ice hockey arena, and Dexter thought he was escalating his MO. The body belonged to the frozen finger tips they found in the Ice Truck that Deb discovered. LaGuerta presented Tony Tucci, the night watchman at the arena, as the ITK, but Deb knew it was "bullshit." Dex wasn't as upset as Deb, though, because it meant his playmate was still at large and able to drop cryptic clues to Dexter about their connection, which we still have no idea about.

Ah, the beach. It looks so nice. As someone parasails in the background, Dexter is meandering along in the sand, watching others. He VOs, "I find people around me are all making some kind of connection, like friendship, or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications. Commitment. Sharing. Driving people to the airport." Ha! It's kind of classic that his mind equates something as mundane as driving someone to the airport with the much larger ideas of human connection. Plus, he'd drive Rita to the airport in a second and wouldn't make a peep. Shut up, Dexter. "If I let someone get that close, they'd see who I really am, and I can't let that happen." Oh, yeah. Good point.

Oh, I see. It turns out he's actually at a crime scene. "Time to put on my mask." Yeah, yeah, we know. As soon as he crosses the police tape, Angel is all up in his grill-piece, all, "I need your expertise, bro." "I live to serve!" The two approach a beach chair with a severed hand and a light blue towel on it. There's a little red sand bucket with a little yellow plastic shovel next to the hand, and a beach ball lying next to the chair. There seems to be a picture or postcard in the little bucket. "Interesting handjob," quips Dexter. Hee! "That's funny," says Angel. "It is?" Awkward. Anyway, Angel wonders how long Dexter thinks the hand has been there, but Dexter is distracted, looking around. "This looks familiar." Angel, not caring, says, " how long's it been there." Jesus, dude, ease up! Dexter crouches down, and notices that the blood has stopped pooling, but is still wet. "Couple hours at the most." Apparently, it was called in "this morning, around 7:30," according to Angel. The print lady says, "No prints. Real freak show, eh?" Angel wonders aloud if it might be the ITK they're dealing with here, and Dexter notices there's blood, which is unlike the ITK, as well the fact that it's a male hand. He also notes that the cuts are very delicate between the first and second carpals. "Very surgical." Angel reaches into the bucket and pulls out the picture I mentioned a second ago, and it's actually a Polaroid of the hand in the chair, seemingly posed in front of two crossed palm trees. Dexter stands up quickly, and asks Angel, "How far is Rand Beach from here?" "This is Rand Beach. It was renamed Petrie Beach a few years ago." As Dexter stares at the crossed palms, we're ushered into a flashback.

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