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Okay, I lied, although not intentionally -- Jeff Long is having ongoing issues with his cable service, so I'm here again this week. Yay?

Dexter is tailing Colin Hanks (a) in broad daylight, (b) with no sort of disguise, and (c) at a distance from which Colin Hanks would feel it if he sneezed. I mean, it's not usually a problem because Dexter's victims aren't often familiar with him, but given that Colin Hanks has seen Dexter's face at length and under extreme duress, I'd think Dexter might incorporate, say, a hat into his stalking outfit. That, however, may prove to be irrelevant, as DVO is babbling so hard about free will that he has trouble keeping his eye on Colin Hanks even at this distance, although the fact that they've entered a crowded outdoor marketplace may be a contributing factor. As he rushes to keep up, possibly impeded by a horribly on-the-nose VO about choosing paths, his phone rings - it's Deb, with the bad news that Mos Def has been shot. Dexter tells her he'll be right there and SO CONVENIENTLY has to rush off right before Colin Hanks joins EJO, like, this reveal is so not going to be worth the time the writers apparently think they're putting into it. I suppose it's touching that Dexter feels so strongly about Mos Def that he's abandoning this chase, but I hate the show for so obviously stalling here. As usual, it doesn't have nearly enough story to justify the seasonal quest lasting as long as it does, so it throws obstacles in Dexter's path in the most blatant and ham-handed manner possible. Either let him see EJO, or let us see that he doesn't see EJO, and be done with it, because this is getting unbelievably boring.

Anyway, EJO points out a scarf or something he deems "sufficiently tawdry," so I guess they're clothes shopping for their Whore, which I'm sure she appreciates, and of course EJO doesn't interact with the saleswoman. Once Colin Hanks has secured the Babylonian attire, he tells EJO he'd like to get their poor Whore some painkillers, as her arm is broken and she's in agony, but EJO thinks that she's an unrepentant sinner, and as such doesn't deserve any easing of her pain. Speaking of which, EJO asks if he's given her the "mark" yet, and since the previews from last week showed Colin Hanks brandishing a, well, brand, there's no need to beat around the bush, EJO. When he hears that Colin Hanks hasn't, in fact, seared the girl's flesh off in some ornate religious pattern, EJO is most displeased, and tells Colin Hanks to stop questioning God and get his ass in gear, adding that if he doesn't, he'll get washed away along with "the rest of the scum." Well!

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