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The Couple That Kills Together...
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Previously: Dexter found out that Jordan had spared a victim, Emily Birch. Deb found out that Quinn had been investigating Dexter. Meanwhile, Quinn ordered Liddy to stay away from him and Lumen. Jordan called Lumen -- he knows about them.

The show begins with Dexter holding Harrison and VO'ing that, though it is said that history repeats itself, he's not letting anything happen to his family again. Since Jordan knows about him and Lumen, he needs to plan for the worst. So, he's sending Sonja and Harrison to stay with Astor and Cody's grandparents. So, Sonja really has no life at all, does she? Dexter VO's that he is also planning on getting Lumen out of his house. It's time to leave, but Dexter is hesitant and tells Sonja that this is the first time he'll be away from Harrison since Rita's death. She assures him that nothing will happen to the baby. With the baby packed in, she agrees to call him as soon as she gets to Orlando.

Later, at his old apartment complex, Dexter stealthily walks along the balcony towards his unit. As he approaches his door, he calls for Lumen, who is hiding around the corner with her things. He says that they can't let anyone know that she is there, then they walk into his place. Too late. Liddy is spying on them from the pool house. He wonders what the fuck they are up to. This guy is EVERYWHERE. Seriously. And, Lumen and Dexter are moving targets but he is always stationary and spying on them. It's remarkable, really.

Inside the apartment, Lumen is antsy. She says that they can't wait anymore. They need to take out Jordan. Dexter points out the difficulty, considering all of the security surrounding Jordan. He thinks they should start with the others. Funny, they've already killed three people and they are still talking about "starting" this. Lumen says that they don't even know who the others are, but Dexter pulls out Emily Birch's file and suggests that she might be able to help. Lumen notes that she looks like herself and the other girls from the barrels, only older. Dex says that she's the same age as Jordan, Boyd and the others. He thinks she was their first victim. That seems like a lot to infer, no? Lumen wonders how she's still alive and Dexter says that they will try to find out when they talk to her today. He's taking a long lunch. Before he leaves, he tells her not to open the door. For anyone.

At the station, LaGuerta is introducing the new evidence found in the recently reopened Barrel Girls case. She points out that their original conclusion that Boyd Fowler was the sole perpetrator has been proven incorrect. Dexter walks in on this and is feeling uneasy. Batista points out that LaGuerta didn't give Deb the credit for finding the new evidence, but she says that she's just happy to be back on the job. Masuka says that Boyd is still on the hook, but Cole is a suspect now as well. LaGuerta tells Deb and Quinn to go to Cole's house and bring him in. Dexter congratulates Deb on having her suspension lifted. After the meeting, LaGuerta stops Batista and asks him if he's happy that he has Deb back. He's pretty cold with her and says merely that he'll keep her posted on the Barrel Girls case.

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