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Previously: Anton was captured and tortured by The Skinner, but rescued by Quinn and Deb. Anton found out that Quinn had kept him off of the books as a CI -- so he punched him. He told Deb that she needed to think about their relationship. Dexter taught Miguel how to kill people. Miguel tried to console Maria about Ellen's death, by making out with her. Rita told Syl that Miguel was having an affair with Maria. She found him at Maria's house where she mentioned that Miguel had been out all night on Thursday (the night that Ellen was killed). Miguel and Dexter are on the outs -- Dexter has decided that he needs to kill him. Meanwhile, Miguel is in cahoots with George "The Skinner" King and tells him that Dexter knows where Freebo is. Before Dex has the chance to get to Miguel, he is kidnapped at his apartment and thrown into the trunk of a car.

Dexter is struggling in the trunk of a car. He VO's with resignation that he'd imagined "the end" many times, but it was never like this, with him bound in the trunk of a car. He manages to get the hood off of his head. Then, he turns onto his stomach and tries to cut the tape off of his wrists. "I am so fucked," he thinks to himself. Harry appears (I have no idea how they both fit in that trunk) and tells him that this must be the way his victims feel-- trapped and hopeless. Dexter doesn't have the time for introspection right now. Harry says that he's there for moral support. Dexter says that Harry was right about Miguel. He thinks that Ramon must be driving the car he's in right now -- he knows that he's the one to blame. Harry says that he doesn't blame Dexter for wanting a friend, which is the saddest thing I've heard all week. Harry says that, to the contrary, he's proud of Dexter for trying -- it was brave. Dexter seems surprised to hear that Harry feels that way. OK, so this is a touch confusing for me. For the most part, I assume that the Harry visions are an instrument of Dexter's subconscious, yes? They are actually moments when Dexter is talking to himself. But, this feels like new information, which would be impossible. Like Harry did some soul-searching and decided he was proud of Dexter. And, that would mean that dead Harry is evolving. Are we going there? Dexter says that he should have killed Miguel when he had the chance and Harry says that he still can -- he shouldn't give up. That gives Dexter the motivation to finally tear the tape off of his hands. The car is stopping. Dexter gets into attack position and waits for someone to open the trunk. Seriously, this is a very large trunk. He's waiting, waiting, the trunk opens...and Dex springs into action and punches Vince in the face.

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