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Best Splayed Plans
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Previously: Dexter and Lumen met Emily Birch, who revealed that Jordan Chase had been Eugene Greer. She had been attacked by the guys 20 years earlier. She apparently also loves summers in Stockholm, as she is still under the spell of Jorgene. Quinn told Liddy to stay away from Deb, but she still found out that Quinn had been investigating Dexter. Liddy planted surveillance equipment in Dexter's apartment. Jorgene put in a call to Deb and Quinn leading them to Alex Tilden's house, just as Dexter and Lumen were killing him. They didn't find a body, but they found a footprint, giving further weight to Deb's amazingly spot-on theory of the vigilante killer. Dexter and Lumen made love.

Deb and Quinn visit Jorgene's office. Things are tensely cordial, which I don't imagine will last very long. Deb thanks him for his call about Alex Tilden. She says that they followed up right away, but Alex wasn't there. In fact, it looks like he has disappeared from the face of the earth. Like, Cole. And Boyd, Quinn adds. Oh, you see, I knew something was up here. Deb says that she's been bumping her noggin trying to think of what the connection could be amongst the three missing guys and... she's got it! It's Jordan. He's the connection. She asks that he save her a lot of time and just tell her what that connection is. Jordan covers his face with his hands like he... is... so tired of all of this. So much acting on top of acting in that room. I feel like Quinn should start juggling or something. Jordan says with an incredulous smile that it is ridiculous that she would think that he has anything to do with this. He reminds her that he submitted to a DNA test and he was cleared physically from the Barrel Girls case, so this is a waste of his time. Deb says that she's got tons of time, so she'll just wait for him to give them some information. Then, the scene becomes a Caryl Churchill play and they're talking over each other. He says that she's obsessed with him, which really isn't so odd because he's successful and that sort of thing happens, but it's not healthy for her to be fixated on him instead of her own bleak existence and he can help her. She says that she thinks he slipped up and one of the Barrel Girls got away and is killing the people near him. He could be next. It truly is remarkable how exactly right her theory is. He says that he'll be fine, but he's worried about her. She smiles and leaves with Quinn. His cocky smirk wanes just a little bit as they leave.

Lumen and Dexter are plotting their break-in to Jordan's empire with Harrison's stuffed animals, which is not to say that they intend to attempt the break-in with stuffed animals. They're having a hard time thinking of ways to bypass all of the security. Lumen says that they need to draw him out of his lair, but Dexter says that he has everything he could need in his fortress. Lumen points out that he doesn't have her, but Dexter says it's too dangerous to use her as bait. She says that it worked with Cole, but that's really not a very good example. Were it not for Dexter's impeccable timing, she'd have been a goner. She says that she can do this and he says that he knows she can, because he saw her kill Alex Tilden. Maybe it's different for serial killers, but I don't think I could say out loud, "I saw you kill blankety-blank." It would definitely be one of those Vegas things for me. Like, yeah, I know we did that thing where we killed, dismembered and disposed of that dude, but we don't have to talk about it.

Anyway, Dexter says that they have more to worry about than Jordan's security. There's also the police and, more importantly, Deb. Lumen apologizes to Dexter for putting him in a position where he has to lie to her, but Dexter says that, though it's not his favorite thing, it's not the first time he's lied to her. Lumen asks (for the audience?) if Deb has never suspected anything in regards to Dex's proclivities and he says that he thinks maybe she has a blind spot when it comes to him. She's not like him and Lumen.

So, Lumen finds it tender that Dexter just referred to them as "us" and comes in for an embrace. Suddenly, Dexter sees a live bird's eye video image of where he is right now -- on Harrison's baby monitor. Sometimes, when I'm maybe on a date that isn't going well or when I'm running and don't want to -- I see the same thing. He's freaked out because a surveillance camera's signal got mixed with the monitor and he knows someone is watching them. He pulls Lumen to her feet, hugs her and whispers what is happening. Dexter runs outside and starts looking for a van that could be hosting the surveillance. He VOs that Jordan must be behind this, but there are vans EVERYWHERE.

Back at the station, Deb tells Quinn that she knows Jordan is up to his Balzac in this case -- she knows it. Who'd have figured Deb to be a fan of Cousin Bette? Astute though. Quinn sees Liddy and sends Deb into the station without him. Liddy tells Quinn that his union appeal was rejected. He's officially off of the force. Quinn tells him that he's sorry, but he says that he doesn't want his pity. Well, maybe Quinn doesn't want the newsreel of your day, Robo. Ever think of that? Conversations are an exchange. Liddy says that he needs Quinn's help with a bust that will make people give him his job back. It's Dexter. Quinn says no, but RoboCop suggests that he doesn't really have an option. He says that he will be calling him, at which point he expects Quinn to come running. I have to say, Peter Weller has put the full-court menace on this season and has really done an excellent job.

That night, Dexter and Lumen are having stilted conversation about dinner in front of the cameras in his apartment. Dexter casually locates the camera (under Harrison's cute little lamp) and finds that it is "Property of Miami Metro Police." At that point, he suggests that they go out to eat. Outside, he tells her that it's worse than Jordan watching them. She can't understand why someone from the station would want to watch him and he has no answers for her. He'll check the serial number on the camera and find out the next day who checked it out. He says that it could have something to do with Deb's vigilante theory. He knows though that no one has seen the recordings, because they haven't been arrested. Lumen is worried about Jordan getting away with his crimes, if they're arrested. Dexter assures her that things won't end this way.

The next day, Dexter and Lumen are looking for the van that might be watching them. Sonja calls to say that Harrison is fine. She reminds him that the baby's birthday party is on Sunday. He'd forgotten, it appears. Lumen kind of invites herself and Dex tells Sonja that they will be coming to Orlando for the party. Cute.

At the station, Deb tells Dex that they are all waiting for him and he gets understandably nervous. They're having a Barrel Girls meeting. Deb insists that Jordan Chase is involved. Masuka says that the female footprint outside of Tilden's house matches one that was outside of an adjacent vacant home. Inside the home, the dining room had been recently cleaned, unlike the rest of the house. Ah, that's where they were. Dexter VOs that the bleach smell would have dissipated in one more day. Masuka thinks that the vigilante brought Alex to the vacant home (just like what actually happened). This is the first that LaGuerta has heard of a vigilante. Deb explains the whole 13 DVDs/12 victims connection. But, LaGuerta points out that the victims were all small women and some of the missing guys are, you know, dudely. Well, maybe she has a guy helping her. And, scene. Theory complete. Print it. Dexter is uncomfortable. LaGuerta calls it "Vigilantes in love." Masuka compares it to Bonnie and Clyde which doesn't sound promising to Dexter, seeing as B and C end up dead in a shot-up car.

Later, when the equipment desk lady is having her coffee and smoke, Dexter commandeers her computer to find that Quinn

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