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Crazy Stupid Love
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As Dexter drives the Slice Of Life at high speeds in what I assume is the Gulf of Mexico, DVO tells us that fear and love are the strongest emotions, and what's more, they can make you do crazy things - like tell your own brother you're in love with him, or put your own life at risk to hunt down the man who took away your "beloved." Well, it's generous of Dexter to equate Deb's gross and wrong feelings with his actions that led to Rita's death, although I suppose he doesn't know just how popular the latter development was with the viewing audience. Having covered love, it's time for fear, and to address that, we pan back to see Hannah cowering in the back of the boat, life jacket clenched so hard it's begging for mercy. DVO goes on that another crazy thing is to do something for the sake of love that scares you to death as Hannah continues to turn shades of green that may not even have names yet; she eventually prevails on Dexter to take a short break.

After he cuts the engine, he sits with her, and after letting us know that Jamie has taken the kids back to Orlando (wonder how Dexter is justifying getting rid of Harrison this time), she apologizes, saying she thought she was over her fear of the water, but it turns out her continued phobia is at least understandable, given that her childhood swimming lessons consisted of her father taking her to the local pond and throwing her in. On top of everything else, this is the backwoods of Alabama we're talking about, right? I'm an expert swimmer and you couldn't pay me to dip a toe in water there. I might not get it back. Dexter, seemingly sincerely, remarks that that's horrible and asks where her mother was, and Hannah admits that she was there, but her father wouldn't let her intervene. "Six years old, and I already knew what it felt like to be dying." I can only imagine Hannah's Barbie endured some interesting experiences after this. Apparently Hannah lost consciousness, coming to later on the dock to discover that her mother's screams attracted a fisherman who saved her life, and I don't know what happened after that but I hope they had CPS in this Podunk town. Hannah asks if Dexter's ever been comparably scared, and he's slow to respond in the negative; Hannah picks up on his hesitation and assures him he can talk to her about stuff like that. He says he knows, and struggles with whether he should spit it out, but his phone beeping allays any decision. He tells Hannah it's work, and he should get back; without further discussion, he walks to the front of the boat and drives off. We get about ten seconds of them riding off, and it's a beautiful shot so I don't begrudge it, but it does get my filler alert tingling.

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