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Teenage Angst vs. Bloodlust
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p>Previously: Rita continued taking the longest bath in the history of cable. The FBI wants to talk to Dexter and he's avoiding them. Deb slept with Quinn, which was a big EW. Seriously. Not only that, but Quinn keeps buzzing in Laguerta's ear about how they should be looking at Dexter in Rita's death. Astor hates Dexter now and blames him for her mom's death. Dex killed some guy in a bathroom with an anchor.

Dexter is swimming in a pool. Wow, this is how cancer looks? We should all look so sick. He VO's about the stages of grief and figures that he crossed off the "anger" portion by killing a guy with his bare hands. Nice try, hot shot. I believe those bare hands were holding a very sharp anchor device, no? Some people just can't tell a story about their accomplishments without exaggerating. He says that he doesn't have time for the other six stages because he's a full-time dad now.

He enters Deb's apartment with Astor and Cody. They're going to stay there until they get a new place, but Astor's not having it. Deb welcomes the kids home and she's all this isn't home. Deb kind of left herself open for that one. I saw it coming the moment the words left her mouth. Astor says that she doesn't see why they need a new place and Dexter explains that he thinks a new start is a good idea. He tells them to get ready for bed because they have school the next day and Astor says that she can't go to school because she doesn't have any of her things. Wow, she's so mad. Remember when you were that age and the energy it took to give that MUCH of a pissed off vibe? I found it exhausting and she's been doing it for days. Dexter tells her to make a list of things that she needs and he'll go by the house and pick them up, but she wants to know why she can't come. He lays it out for her and says because of what happened to her mother. She replies that she knows what happened to her. She was murdered. Then, she walks away. Deb gives him a wan look of support and reminds him that his FBI interview is the next day. She walks away and Harrison starts to cry.

The next day, Dexter is mid-interview with two FBI agents, including the guy who was at the scene the night Rita was murdered. They ask him where he was when Rita was killed and he seems really frustrated. He has already told him he was on his boat. The guy asks stiffly if Dexter does a lot of night boating. He replies that he does sometimes, because it's more peaceful. The guy asks him if he was alone and he replies that he was and that the security cameras at the marina can attest to that. The agent is aware of the cameras, but says that the coroner's report indicates that Rita was killed several hours before he got on the boat. Dex freaks out and slams the table and asks them if they are seriously suggesting that he had anything to do with Rita's death. Really. Of all the murders to be pinned on Dexter, you'd think it would be one of the 76 trombones he was guilty of. The lady agent says that they know he was at Arthur Mitchell's house when Rita was being murdered. He looks really nervous right now. She elaborates -- they know he was part of the team raiding Arthur's house at that time. She says that they know he didn't kill his wife and her co-worker says they just want to know why Arthur targeted her. Dexter looks confused and offers, "Because he's a serial killer?" Nice try, Dex. I bet they'll keep looking.

In the waiting room, Deb and Harrison are waiting to greet him. Masuka is standing there too. He tells Dexter that they miss him and Dex replies that he'll be back soon. Laguerta hears and says that he will be taking some time off because he should be with his family. Then, she leaves to talk to the FBI agents. Dexter, appearing annoyed in that way that apparently seems shy and retiring to those around him instead of menacing, walks out with the kid. Deb looks anxious. Batista asks her about the living situation and she says that space is tight. The FBI guys tell Laguerta that Dexter's alibi is airtight. They've got no leads, except for one KYLE BUTLER. Really?

Then, Laguerta, finished with her conversation, walks away. Batista tries to get her attention in order to give her her mail. She doesn't hear him and he accidentally drops it on the floor where upon its retrieval, Batista discovers a bank statement. It belongs to Laguerta and he happens to see that she has over a quarter of a million dollars in the bank. He looks disturbed. Was he expecting more?

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