Goodbye Miami

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The Good Son
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Despite the cozy feeling with which we left last episode Daniel/Oliver informs Vogel at the breakfast table that their little repast hardly makes her his mother again. But it doesn't hurt, right? Vogel tries to tell Daniel that she'd like to arrange to get him the care he needs, but surprisingly, the perfect psychopath who was institutionalized as a child doesn't completely see the value in being locked up again. He also puts the blame for him killing Richard on her, as he claims she ignored him and focused on Richard. Vogel claims that at the time, she didn't know how.

Let me just get this out of the way now: I suppose I'm not that shocked or even disappointed by the loss of Vogel at the end of this episode – it's certainly one way to propel the story toward its end. But she's supposed to have unparalleled acumen in dealing with psychopaths. We even saw it with her saving the structural integrity of her toes from the false Brain Surgeon. So for her just to be a shaky wreck from now up until Daniel sends her to the Great American Psychiatric Association In The Sky is a fairly big letdown; she never seems to make the slightest inroads into getting into his head, nor am I sure she ever even tries.

Anyway, bringing it back to the lead character, Daniel grits that Vogel figured out how to help Dexter – she gave him the life she never granted him. Vogel doesn't have an answer to that except to tell him she's sorry, but he doesn't believe her and takes off. He had a lot better manners at the diner.

At Deb's, Dexter brings in Harrison, who practically jumps into Hannah's arms, not that she's any less excited to see him. After the big greeting, Dexter sends Harrison off to play so he can tell Hannah about Clayton seemingly backing off. However, he tells her, she still needs to lie low with her face having been all over the news. Honestly, Dexter himself set the precedent of never wearing a disguise, but could Hannah not even bother to dye her hair? Put on a floppy hat and sunglasses? There are many examples in pop culture, and even a fake mustache or Arlene Schram's cheap rinse would be better than nothing. But no… no one on this show has heard of such things.

So when Hannah asks how she's going to get out of Miami, Dexter tells her that no one will be looking for a woman with her husband and child, and that if they all leave together, suddenly no one will recognize the hot blonde who's been in and out of the local news for literally years. Hey, I just work here. Dexter then runs down his checklist of things to do before he leaves: give his notice, see some people called "Astor" and "Cody," sell his stuff …the list is endless even without killing his surrogate brother! They giggle about moving to Argentina, but Hannah turns serious when she hears that Dexter still intends to kill Daniel.

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