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It's A Battle of Kills
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Previously:Maria and Ellen bonded over a little light sexual harassment of their bartender. Ellen turned up missing and Dexter found out that Miguel had killed her. Maria was devastated and Miguel told her he'd comfort her. Syl thinks that Miguel is having an affair. The Skinner kidnapped Anton and we found out that George King was the culprit. Deb saved him before he was completely skinned, but the problems are only beginning. She thinks that Anton could sue the department for not putting him on the books as a CI. Barbara and Angel are getting closer. Dexter checked the blood on the shirt that Miguel gave him -- it's cow blood, not Freebo blood.

Rita and Dexter are out at a nice restaurant with the Prados. Miguel is excitedly telling a story about how it took Dexter 7 or 8 golf balls to make a shot of some lake while they were golfing. Dexter replies that putting the 18th hole before a body of water is "criminal." No, what's criminal is subjecting poor Syl and Rita to this conversation. Who fucking cares if he's having an affair? Syl should divorce him for this. Miguel claims that he kept begging Dexter to "take the Mulligan! But, not this guy!" Seriously, I'd kill myself.

Their dinner arrives via four waiters (fancy place!) and Dexter VO's, "Just what I ordered. Feigned civility with a heaping side of betrayal." That's a holiday classic in my home. He continues, saying that it has become increasingly clear that he's going to have to "deal" with Miguel. Syl interrupts his VO to thank the chef. Miguel stands and greets him as well. Those Prados are such hot shots. Dexter figures that his options for dealing with Miguel are as follows: Option Number 1 -- He could kill him. This, of course, would spark a huge manhunt and everyone in Miguel's life would be scrutinized, including Dexter. Also, since Miguel is Dexter's best man, Dex would be required to grieve. That would be the most difficult part for our Dex, I'm guessing. Option Number 2 -- He could get Miguel out of his life, which is not very simple. Dex VO's "He taught me how to golf. I taught him how to kill." He's responsible for Miguel now.

Suddenly Syl tells Miguel to tell Rita and Dexter some sort of surprise -- she can't wait. Miguel tells them that he has a wedding gift for them. Chef Babia (of the restaurant they are currently dining in) and his staff are going to cater their wedding. Hmm, that's funny. As I recall, Rita went on and on about the caterers like she was going to have to write their damn recipes for them. What did Dexter want to eat, no you can't just have steak, blah, blah, blah. And, she hasn't made a deposit on another caterer already? Because Syl would know if she had. It's just another excuse for them to mention this fucking albatross of a wedding that his been dragging this whole season down. No more wedding. Just get married. Done. DONE. Rita is thrilled. Dexter tries to say that it's too much, but Miguel says that he won't take no for an answer. Dexter VO's that Miguel is making it clear that Option 2 is not actually an option. Miguel won't let their partnership dissolve. He's trying to keep Dexter under his thumb and he's using Rita to help him now. Dexter acknowledges that it's working.

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