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With no significant time having elapsed from the end of last week's episode, DVO babbles about his Dark Passenger before Dexter takes an axe and cuts Colin Hanks's shackles. Colin Hanks claims not to know where EJO would have gone, so Dexter points to "EJO's" depiction of the next tableau and asks where EJO might stage it, or who the next victim might be. Colin Hanks is still useless, though, probably making Dexter wonder why he bothered getting rid of the shackles, so then Dexter takes a closer look at the painting and sees "2LoT" written near the bottom. Colin Hanks - and this may shock you - doesn't know what that might refer to, but a quick search of "EJO's" books yields a parking pass with that same 2LoT written on it. Colin Hanks then claims to feel dizzy, presumably from the burn wound that "EJO" inflicted on him, so Dexter takes him off to a place he says he's found where EJO won't be able to get to him. Now that we know for sure that EJO doesn't exist anymore, it only seems right to start referring to him as Tyler Durden.

Heh, Dexter has brought Colin Hanks to a hotel called the Colony, but at the beginning of the establishing shot appears to be the "Colon." Free bottle of Metamucil at check-in! Dexter gets Colin Hanks into his room, barely stopping to talk to Harry, which makes sense since in this conversation Harry's even more useless than usual. Inside, Dexter gives Colin Hanks what I'm guessing is an untraceable cell phone (and if that's the case, I could see that coming back to bite him later) before ministering to Colin Hanks's wound. Colin Hanks wonders what he's supposed to do with himself, but Dexter points out that he can't do anything but sit tight, since he's wanted for multiple murders, and he won't be able to help Dexter if he's in jail. Can I just point out, again, how misplaced Dexter's trust is? He's transferred his silly Dark Passenger construct onto Colin Hanks with the most tenuous of evidence, and ignored multiple warning signs that everything here might not be as it seems. Was there any sign at that church that Tyler Durden was living there, as Colin Hanks claimed? Any car or other means of transportation that Tyler Durden seemed to be using? I know complaining about the show's sloppiness probably isn't worth the energy and isn't going to change anything, but Dexter has gotten worse and worse during the show's run about taking things at face value, and given that he's someone whom the show wants us to believe is amazingly meticulous and follows a rigid code, it's unbelievably irksome. Why does he trust someone who participated in the murder of multiple innocents, even unwillingly, particularly when he could be contacting his Svengali as soon as Dexter's out the door? Speaking of which, Dexter tells Colin Hanks to sit tight and try to think of anything that could help him, and bails. Yeesh.

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