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Which Way Did Freebo?
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Previously: Rita has a hunch that she's preggies. Angel was promoted to Detective Sergeant. Dexter decided to snuff out this guy Freebo who killed two girls and got off because of procedural mistakes. When he went to kill the guy, someone else was already trying to kill him. Freebo got away, but Dexter ended up killing the other guy. This, oddly, has caused lots of confusion for Dexter. Well, it's not odd considering the Code that he got from Harry. The dead guy ended up being Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado's brother. What luck! Their other brother is a lieutenant with the local sheriff's department. It just got funner and funner for ole Dex. He's freaked because he never killed anyone who didn't completely deserve it -- but, the guy tried to kill him, so he might not be totally innocent. This girl, Yuki, from Internal Affairs tries to get Deb to give her info on a guy from the station, Joey Quinn. Quinn gives Deb the name of a criminal source who tells her that Miguel's brother was a junkie. Then, she tells everybody in front of Miguel and gets thrown off of the case by Angel. Freebo's girlfriend, Teegan, turns up dead with a weird patch of skin missing from her shoulder. So, Dexter believes Freebo is still in Miami.

Dexter is in a waiting room with lots of little kids. They're all really cute. He VO's that children are supposed to bring hope, but the thought of them is bringing him uncertainty. And germs, which he tells us are another matter. He says he loves kids that he can enjoy then leave, because he doesn't have to worry about what they will become. Valid point there. We see a kid reading a magazine upside down. Stupid illiterate kid. Wait, her mom's reading it with her. Stupid mom. Dexter wonders if his kid might be a Nobel laureate poet, a drunk, the President, or someone like him. Yeah, scary. What's funny is, though Dexter's personal attributes are a little more...peculiar than the general population, aren't we all a little afraid of having children that will inherit the ickiest parts of ourselves? Lord knows I don't want a kid to have my road rage. Seriously. Dexter VO's that he's never been compelled to have children, because he's "not in the business of giving life.

Here's Rita. She looks a little nervous. Maybe that's because she went to a pediatrician's office to get a pregnancy test? It's like going to the Supreme Court to take the bar. Really though, I'm no expert, but are pediatricians and ob/gyn's typically in the same office? I'd think that some ladies wouldn't want to be around kids every time they were at the doctor. Maybe her kids' doctor did the test for her? I don't know. Anyway, she tells Dexter that she was right. She's pregnant.

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