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"Dex Is The Great Unifier."

Previously: "What if the Ice Truck Killer does disappear?" worried Dexter. "No, he's got unfinished business with me." Dexter wrote a cryptic Craigslist ad to see if his "playmate" was still on the loose. Paul, or FOP, as I've been calling him, got out of jail and has been a nuisance. Dexter and Rita finally had sex, which was hot. Dexter was happy to find out that she wanted there to be a "next time." Things with Deb and ProDoc were brought to the next level, as well. Just in time for us to find out he's the actual ITK.

Dexter's taking a shower. "Thank God for showers. Private time to think. Harder to come by, now that I'm in a real relationship." Proving him wrong, Rita jumps in the shower with him, all smiles. She's so cute. They fumble around each other, and Dexter almost chokes himself on the cable from the shower head. This is exactly why I hate showering with someone else. It's never sexy, it's always awkward. Wanna tell me different? I'll flick you in the eyeball. I'm always right. Naturally, Cody has to piss, and he starts raising hell outside the bathroom because the door is locked. Dexter jumps out and dries off really fast, yelling, "Hold on a second, buddy!" "I can't," Cody yells back. Fucking kids. Rita apologizes for only having one bathroom. "When nature calls..." says Dexter resignedly as he opens the door. Cody busts in as we see a scar on the left side of Dexter's torso. Hmm, wonder if that will become relevant. Cody asks him about it, and Rita instantly says, "Cody!" as if it's so rude to ask. I'm sorry, but if I had a scar like that, I'd be psyched when people asked me about it. Scars are radical. Dexter tells him, "Sword fight. I won." I think he's fibbing. Astor comes in because she has to brush her teeth, and Rita looks a little embarrassed. I'm assuming this is the first time he's actually slept over, and that's why they don't have their morning routine down pat yet. Astor comments on Dexter's scar as he leaves, and Cody proudly relays the fib that Dexter just told him. Dexter, finally out of there, looks slightly overwhelmed.

Angel and Doakes are rolling around in a police cruiser, and Angel is trying reach a better understanding of what "separated" means. What it means to him, apparently, is that "you're separated, and then you work it out. That's what it means to me." "Okay," says Doakes, trying to be supportive for a change. Angel goes on that he thinks "this is false pretenses. Nina knew she wanted a divorce when she asked for the separation. She lied." "Yeah, and you didn't when you were cheatin' on her, right?" Ah-ha! So that's what went down with Angel and his wife. "Cheat. Singular. And I felt so crappy about it that I told her the next day." Well, for some folks, that's enough, dude. You should have understood that before you married her. All of a sudden, Doakes spies a familiar dude on the bridge that they're on. "Stop the car, man!" Angel screeches to a halt and Doakes gets out and yells, "Hey!" The guy turns around, ditches the grocery bag he's holding, and books on foot. Doakes gives him chase as Angel whips the cruiser around. As they get to the end of the bridge, the guy jumps over the side to the sand down below, and heads under the overpass. Doakes does the same as Angel stops the car right behind him. Angel gets out of the car and starts running towards where the two went as we hear a loud gunshot on the soundtrack. As Angel approaches, we hear another gunshot, clearly not from the same weapon. "Doakes!" Angel yells. When he finally reaches Doakes, the other guy is lying dead under the bridge. "You alright?" he asks, but Doakes stays quiet. They both approach the body.

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