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Easy as Pie
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Previously: Camilla is in the hospital with terminal cancer -- and incredible pain. Rita starts working for Syl as her assistant at her real estate office. Angel asks Barbara, the cop who almost busted him for soliciting her as a prostitute, on a date. She says no, but eventually asks him out. Deb thinks that The Skinner is targeting people who she has questioned. She feels responsible for the death of Wendell, who trusted her enough to cooperate with questioning. She and Anton had a little moment of sexual tension. Ellen Wolf has targeted Miguel for disbarment with the help of Maria's information about the Chicky Hines case. Miguel, in turn, feels that Ellen pisses all over justice. Deb and Quinn arrested Ramon Prado for kidnapping and torturing a guy he thought knew Freebo's whereabouts. Turns out he's not The Skinner though. Deb told Quinn that Yuki from Internal Affairs was investigating him. He says that they have a "history." Hmm. Dexter decides that Miguel is his first good friend in a long time.

We begin in what appears to be a dream sequence. Either that or I need my bifocals cleaned. The camera is askew and shaky, the lights super sharp yet unfocused, and the perverted calliope music is playing. Dexter is performing his post-kill procedure on what appears to be a dead Clemson Galt. Suddenly a door opens. Dexter thinks that it's Harry and offers him a paper bag, in case he needs to vomit. Those are for hyperventilating. Paper bags are probably way too absorbent for vomit. But, no, it's not Harry. Its Miguel decked out in golf-wear. He tells Dexter that he's feeling great -- then he asks him how long it will be until he is finished. Dexter looks stunned that someone is seeing him work, but isn't freaking out. Dexter says he won't be long and Miguel tells him that he'll wait -- he wants to play some golf so they can work on Dexter's "slice." Killing humor.

Dexter wakes with a start. Rita is reading beside him. She asks him if he had a bad dream and he says he isn't sure. I felt the same way. He asks her if she ever had one of those dreams where she was exposed. She does have them -- she says that sometimes she dreams of being in school bottomless. "Body parts out in the open. Exactly." I realize that it's a tonal choice for the show and, for the most part I really enjoy Dexter's little lyricisms, but sometimes his moody double entendres confuse me a little bit. Why is he doing it? Again, I realize that it may just be a tone choice for the show, but it begs questions about Dexter' s motivation. Does he get off on the idea of maybe getting caught? I don't really feel like that's part of his pathology most of the time, but he insists on saying a really thinly veiled version of the truth on a pretty regular basis. Makes me just wonder sometimes if he wants to get caught. Which almost makes him seem sympathetic -- like he knows he's wrong and feels bad about it and wants someone to stop him. And, I really don't feel comfortable with Dexter being all that sympathetic. He's fascinating, but he's a monster. Rita tells Dexter that his dream was due to anxiety, most likely connected to the wedding. He agrees. She reminds him that they have each other and she kisses him.

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