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So it wasn't completely clear to me last time from the difference in their apparent energy levels, but it seems Hannah drugged Dexter as well as Deb, as Dexter is awakened on a riverbank someplace by his phone. It's Vogel, who wonders where he's been all morning, and as the full significance of what's happened hits, Dexter tells Vogel he can't really talk, but Vogel presses on to inform him that Zack called. "I'm so glad you decided not to kill him." Look, I'm not going to make a federal case out of it each time someone on this show who should know better acts like cell phones are secure modes of communication, but that's only because I'm not getting paid by the word. But give me a fucking break here, Vogel. Whether he's feeling the same way or not, Dexter drops Vogel to switch over to a call from Deb, who's also groggy but conscious as she asks where he is. A wider shot shows he's by some industrial plant in, as he tells Deb thanks to his GPS, Kendall, and he cuts through her confused questions by telling her to pick him up and assuring her they'll talk when she gets there WHAT A GOOD IDEA.

Cut to DVO wondering what Hannah wants, given that she didn't kill either of them, when Deb comes driving up and is like, my mind cleared up enough on the way over to figure out it was Hannah, right? Dexter confirms that and wonders what Hannah's next move might be, and Deb points out that if they were normal law-abiding citizens, they'd go to the Marshals. It's been a long time since he was in Miami, but that still makes me reflexively hope for a Raylan Givens appearance. Dexter tells Deb Hannah knows too much about him, and when Deb points out she didn't spill her knowledge when she was arrested last time, Dexter counters that Hannah was in love with him then. "Drugging me and leaving me on the side of the road might suggest that's changed." If you think that, Dexter, you need to watch more reality television.

Dexter realizes that the street they're on is lined with surveillance cameras, so he should be able to get hold of the footage using his PD credentials and track Hannah down. Deb takes a long moment before telling Dexter that the moment she asked Dexter to kill Hannah was the moment she started to lose herself, and now that she's just getting her life back, she's feeling ill-equipped to deal with this. "I want her gone." Presumably, given what she just said, she means "gone" to a place on Earth, not below. Dexter assures Deb he'll take care of it…

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