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In Sickness and In Sickness
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Previously: Dexter and Miguel Prado became friends who killed together. Miguel wanted to kill a rival defense attorney, Ellen Wolf, but Dexter said they couldn't -- because she wasn't really guilty of anything. Miguel decided to do it anyway. Miguel freaked at Dexter, telling him that he'll do whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it, COUNT ON IT! Seriously, Showtime has shown him screaming that so many hundreds of times. Much like the Empire Carpets commercials, I love it more every time I see it. Dexter decides that he needs to kill Miguel. Maria was on to Miguel and he knew it. She took a sample from his car and it proved that Ellen had been there. He was about to kill Maria when Dexter intervened and killed him first. He plans on blaming it on The Skinner. Deb and Anton are on the outs. Dexter told Deb that Harry had cheated on his wife -- but he didn't mention that his mistress had been his biological mother, only that she had been a CI. No one at the station can get the true identity of George "The Skinner" King. Dexter killed Miguel as he screamed at Dexter that this was not the end for him.

We open with Miguel, in black slacks and tank top, lying dead on a beautiful lawn overlooking the water. Dexter VO's that there are few responses we can provoke that are more powerful than our deaths. That's pretty true, huh? Death and facial hair choices. People are always talking about anything you do with your facial hair. In a stop-start fading style, we see someone discover Miguel's body, then cops arrive. As he's photographing the scene, Dex VO's that Miguel's body, while recently walking and talking and threatening, is now just an empty vessel -- which is not that different from how he already views himself. Vince says that there are patches of skin missing from Miguel's shoulder -- Dexter's attempt to pin the blame on The Skinner. Deb wonders why King would kill Miguel and Quinn says that, since Miguel was going after Freebo, he must have assumed that Miguel knew something about his whereabouts. Dexter sees Ramon glaring from afar. He VO's that some people deal with death by being angry. Ramon deals with waking up in the morning by being angry, right? Granted, I'm a morning person, but still. That guy is pissed about everything. Angel stops him and asks him if he wants off of this task, seeing as how he and Miguel were such close friends. Dex feigns grief and says that he'll be fine, then he VO's that he's going to play the part of the grieving friend who buries himself in his work. As Miguel's body is being carried away, lots of the police and coroner's office folks remove their hats and bow their heads. Dex VO's that you can tell a lot about a man by the friends that he leaves behind -- and this was his best friend. I would agree that it does indeed say a lot about the person who is Dexter's best friend. It says something like, "I'm surprised that you didn't get killed sooner."

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