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We open on a shot of what we'll learn is a true-crime book; it's called Love On The Run, authored by a "Sal Price." The rather thick paperback is in Dexter's hands, the better to make him look less conspicuous as he keeps an eye on Hannah, who's unloading some flowers as part of a delivery. DVO, surprisingly, lets us know that he's been fixated on the thought of putting Hannah on his table to pay her back for her murdering past; less surprising is Harry showing up to suggest that maybe Dexter should cut her some slack, as she was only fifteen when the crime happened. And look, I know "Harry" is supposed to be a representation of Dexter's subconscious or whatever, but all he ever does is play unnecessary audience surrogate or even more unnecessary devil's advocate; not only is it irritating, the latter can't be an accurate representation of Dexter's internal struggles; I've know triple Geminis who questioned their own decisions with less regularity. So from now on, I refuse to recap "Harry" unless he's saying something that might actually be relevant; there's far too much going on this season to spend time on this weak and contractually obligated sauce.

The point is, Dexter has seen a very present lust for the kill in Hannah's eyes and as such is sure that she's committed more murders in the intervening time - in fact, her husband (!) died at age 40 of a heart attack despite having no family history, which I guess means that Hannah is a fan of the film Black Widow. She just went up a notch in my book. Okay, Harry does make one good point when he asks if Dexter maybe has more pressing concerns than killing extremely nubile knife-wielding murderers, but Dexter is like, it's because of all this pressure that I feel the urge to kill more than ever, and by the way, have we met? Dexter wants to ask her about her late spouse, but realizes that he might need a peace offering after the way they left things last time. Might I suggest a Lizzie Borden bobblehead?

At the station, Deb is babbling about what a great thing bagging Isaak Pullo was when Dexter comes in late to her and LaGuerta's briefing. Deb looks at him like he just, well, killed someone, but while Dexter isn't nearly as smart or meticulous as he thinks he is, I don't think he's much of a morning killer. LaGuerta congratulates everyone, as the arraignment resulted in Isaak Pullo being denied bail, but Deb pipes up that he's got an army of lawyers that will be working to get that decision overturned. DVO notes that Isaak Pullo being in jail is probably a necessary condition of a successful Hannah kill, so Dexter pipes up that they have blood evidence placing him at the scene, like thanks, Dexter, I'm sure no one in the room was aware of that, considering it was literally the only evidence you had on which to bring him in. After Deb glares at Dexter some more, LaGuerta finishes out her pep talk...

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