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Previously, Lundy's investigation into Trinity actually led him to cross paths with the man, though he only vaguely realized it; Lundy and Deb slept together after dancing around that particular issue for four episodes; and somebody shot both Deb and Lundy as he was walking her to her car. It doesn't look good.

The next morning...wait, the next morning?! Yeesh, that's a long time for Lundy and Deb to be bleeding in a parking lot. Anyway, Dexter is already at the crime scene and is frantically trying to get the doofuses manning the perimeter to let him by. The degree to which Dexter gets honestly scared when he sees a dead body covered by a sheet (uh-oh...) is actually kind of heartening. Dex doesn't have his laminate, though, so it takes Angel finally spotting him to get him in. Angel assures Dexter that Deb's alive, though she's lost a lot of blood, and Dexter runs up in time to see her wheeled into an ambulance. "If Deb dies," Dexter voices-over somberly, "I'll be...lost." LaGuerta shows up and says the paramedics think the bullets went cleanly through her (a good sign), and "it's looking good." Not so good for Lundy, who is indeed the figure under the sheet. It takes poor simple Dexter a moment to realize what Deb was doing with Lundy at 5AM. Angel says Quinn was first on the scene and said it feels like the Vacation Murderers' m.o. Dex moves to grab his kit, but Angel gives him a hand with the social cues and says he should be with Deb.

Dexter moves to leave, his VO noting that Lundy didn't deserve such an ignominious fate. He crosses Quinn who notes Deb's missing wallet and Lundy's missing watch as further evidence they were Vacation Murdered. Masuka is crouched by Lundy's body, lamenting the gunshot wounds to the neck and chest. Dexter is struck by the fact that Lundy was shot twice. His VO finds it curiouser that Deb -- vulnerable and a potential witness -- was left alive. He takes off for the hospital, with Masuka asking Dex to confirm that, despite his and Deb's back-and-forth every day, "she knows..." Aw, Masuka, you're a hornball with a heart of gold. Dex tells him she knows. "We're gonna get these fuckers," assures Quinn. "Not if you're looking in the wrong direction," Dexter voices over.

So Dexter bolts, but Christine shows up. Quinn's in no mood, his partner having just been shot at and all, but Christine's only there for support. Support and, once an appreciative Quinn goes off, to pester Angel for a quote. Which is totally above-board, actually -- she's doing her job and managing not to manipulate her boyfriend while doing so -- but she still manages to be 60% full of shit at all, times. Anyway Angel initially wants to blow her off, but he stops and considers. "On the record," he says, before telling Christine that Vacation Murders suspect Johnny Rose is in the public health database for having syphilis. "Real bad, untreatable, multiple partners. Print that. With pictures" Christine is more than happy to oblige.

Meanwhile, Dexter breaks into Lundy's hotel room so he can find clues about his Trinity investigation. Harry's already beaten him to the punch, of course, and what Dexter finds isn't so much a clue to Lundy's investigation but rather the whole fucking investigation. Dexter explains to Harry (i.e. us) that Trinity as the killer makes more sense in light of leaving Debra alive -- which I kind of don't get, considering killing Lundy represents as much of stepping outside his usual pattern as killing Deb would have been. Not finishing her off seems as odd coming from Trinity as it would coming from the Vacation Murderers. (Or from, say, Anton? Much as I would hate to see that be the case.) But anyway, Trinity seems to be what we're going with (for now). Harry once again makes the fairly obvious explicit: If Trinity tried to kill Debra, Dexter must kill him. "That's MY blood down there too!" he yells, getting awfully proprietary for a manifestation of the subconscious. The first order of business is for Dexter to pack up all of Lundy's materials so they won't get logged into evidence.

At a diner, Trinity sits at the counter and watches a report of "an FBI agent" killed, supposedly by the Vacation Murderers. He's intensely interested, almost nervous, but ultimately inscrutable as to whether he did the killing or not. The waitress fucks up his Denver omelet and Trinity angrily demands she put the order in again, rather than give him the missing diced tomatoes on the side. In other news, every crotchety old man at a diner is secretly a serial killer.

At home, Rita's got baby Harrison on her hip as she tries to hustle the kids out to school and assure Cody that Aunt Deb isn't gonna die (aw). Dexter's phone rings and she tells Astor to answer it, in case it's the hospital. It's not -- it's Dexter's landlord. From his apartment. Rita figures this must be a misunderstanding, but once she's on the phone, we see it's not.

At the hospital, Dexter's sitting by Deb's bedside when she wakes up. She's groggy -- whatever painkiller they're giving her is some good shit -- but she manages to try to play off her injuries as not severe. Didn't even need surgery. Dexter asks her if she can remember anything, but once he presses for specific info, she recoils. She expects that stuff from Angel, but Dexter needs to be her brother. I appreciate these semi-subtle instances of Dexter needing social cues much more than the episodes upon episodes where his voice-over hammers home that he doesn't understand human behavior. "Tell me what you want me to do," Dexter offers, backing down, but Deb doesn't think there's anything anyone can do. She ends up describing what she can: She was on the ground before she even knew she was shot, and two shots later, so was Lundy. She notes the look in his eyes, almost apologetic, and remembers her helplessness. Even now, she can't even walk herself to the bathroom. Dexter picks up on that cue and helps her along, then stands awkwardly outside the door while she pees. Weirdly, it's the sweetest moment these two have had all season.

While Deb's indisposed, Anton comes charging into the room. Ohhh, it's a good thing Dexter can't fully realize just how awkward this moment is. Anton sees the empty bed and freaks, before Dex tells him she's on the can. Observing none of the decorum Dexter does, Anton follows right in behind her. At this, Dexter finally feels sufficiently awkward and heads out into the hall.

Ahh, but there's no escape for the poor married bastard, because here's Rita, pushing Harrison's baby carriage down the hall like she's Jack Nicholson in the hedge maze from The Shining. Ironically, in the context of this season, she is. To her credit, Rita asks after Debra's condition before ambushing Dexter with the news that a pipe burst in his apartment, flooding his kitchen. And yes, she did say his apartment, all dun-dun-DUN! Also, as an aside, it's a good thing Harry is busy psyching Dexter up to go after Lundy this week, because if he realized that pipe burst because Dexter failed to address that leaky faucet last week, there would be no end to the shit he'd give him. Anyway, Dexter's quick response is that he's only hanging onto it until the lease runs out, so he can get his security deposit back. Wow, THAT'S the story he's been keeping in his back pocket for just such an occasion? Yikes. Rita's like, "Well then why did you tell me you got rid of it?" Dexter's like, "...Did I say that?" Wow. Brilliant. Harrison starts crying at what an awful liar Daddy is today, and Rota decides this isn't the place to have this argument, what with Deb and all. "Family comes first," she says, because that's the theme today.

Back in Deb's room, Anton's tucking her back in bed. He says he's sorry he wasn't there, and Deb, agitated with guilt, tells him to stop apologizing. Deb finally just says it right out: She slept with Lundy. To Anton's credit, he appears to be totally shocked. "I thought you were happy," he says. So did she. "I can move out," she says, her face turned away from his, but Anton says he'll see her through this. She did the same for him. Deb bristles at the suggestion, saying Anton deserves so much better. Anton finally lays it out for her: Does she want him to stick around or no? Deb: "I'm sorry to hurt you." And there's his answer. He gives her one disappointed look before stomping (fairly justifiably) out of her room, sil

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