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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, parlez-vous?

Previously, on Dexter: "Tonight's the night." Yeah, we know. Mike Donovan was a bad dude, now he's not much of a dude at all. There's a body in a pool, hacked to bits...but no blood! Dexter's psyched. The file lady (let's call her "Filene") wants to know what Dexter's up to. Dexter's girlfriend, Rita, is "perfect," because in her own way she's "just as damaged" as Dexter is. Debster reveals there's a serial killer on the loose. Harry, Dexter's stepdad, helps Dex channel his murderous streak. The hooker killer is "raising the bar" by refining his technique. Dex creeps Doakes out. Deb follows up on Dex's ice truck idea, much to Lt. LaGuerta's non-chagrin. Dexter follows an ice truck, and the driver tauntingly chucks the last dead prostitute's head at his windshield. LaGuerta is suspicious, yet still flirtatious. Dexter finds a chopped-up Barbie in his freezer, which Dexter thinks is an invitation to "play," which he wants to do. He really, really does.

Dexter's floating in some water with his eyes closed. He seems to be in some marsh or small lake. He VOs, "I dream I'm floating on the surface of my own life, watching it unfold, observing it. The outsider, looking in." Wow, how cool and detached of you. Suddenly, some Chipsters and Betties skim by on their jet skis, making water cascade over Dex's face. Dexter gets his hate on as he watches them play, and he looks like a crocodile lurking in the water, which I suppose is fitting, considering this episode is titled "Crocodile." "Look at them. They can laugh and play. It comes so easily for them." He goes on to say that even though he's not one of them, that he can "really be a monster, today I'm just a sea-monster." Cool, man! ...Wait, what? He pulls himself back onto the bow of the Slice of Life, and dries himself off a bit. He grabs himself an apple, and takes a hefty chomp that's very reminiscent of his over-chewing in the opening credits. We fade to red as he mentions, "Pretty soon I'll have to get back to doing what I do." You mean selling your old 45s on eBay, right? Oh, wait, I forgot that he's pretty much all about meting out his own unique brand of justice via murder. Sweet!

Fade back to Dexter in his apartment, admiring one of his blood slides, when there's a knock at the door. Quickly, he replaces the slide in its box, and returns the box to its home in his AC unit. On his way to the door, he notices that the head of the "souvenir" the Ice Truck Killer left him is still mounted on his fridge door, so he hastily shoves it into the freezer, presumably where the other body parts still reside. "Explaining it could be kind of...awkward." Yeah, I'll bet.

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