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Free to Kill You and Me
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So, it appears that Lumen has taken up permanent residence at the erstwhile Dexter Morgan Family home. Dexter VO's that it has been a month since he freed Lumen from Boyd Fowler's house. He's bringing her food. I understand the need to heal and all, but Lumen should perhaps consider finding some kind of job. I'd suggest a job as a patient in a psychiatrist's office, but I'm just spit-balling here. She's looking at a giant map and she's got a roll of scotch tape at the ready. This can't be good. She tells him that she ate that morning and he reminds her that it is now evening, so (as he shoves a plate of food in her face- a paper plate- I guess he didn't unpack the china) she should eat again. She kind of half smiles and tells him that he's very controlling. I was thinking parental, but I guess that's part of being a parent. He agrees that he is controlling when he has to be.

Dexter asks her for details. I'm thinking that he wants to know about some sort of information that she has perhaps become privy to as she was taping things on this giant map, but instead it appears that she's giving him details about her torture. She says that, other than the of her tormentors that they have "taken care of," they still have to find "watch guy." She would be blindfolded in a room and unsure if there was even anyone else in it when she would suddenly hear a watch ticking next to her ear. Then, the guy would whisper to her, "Tick tick tick. That's the sound of your life running out." No sir, that's the sound of a watch. "Bla-bump, Bla-bummmp, Bla." That's really more like what I'd imagine it sounds like when someone's life runs out. Or, "I'm leaving you, gotta run." "Wait! You're my life!" That too, but that's a little esoteric. She says he would wear a suit and tie and would take off his jacket and fold it. He would also take off her blindfold, because he expected her to be dead soon. Dexter points out that he was wrong. So, Lumen knows what Suit Guy looks like.

It's nighttime at what appears to be the swamp where Dexter first saw Boyd dumping the body. And, look at that, there's a man getting out of a truck and he's wearing a suit. And, he folds the jacket. He's making this very easy for us. There are a bunch of dudes in the back of the truck. He holds a flashlight while the guys wade out into the water. They start retrieving the barrels with the girls in them. Meanwhile, Lumen is telling Dexter that she wants to be a part of the whole revenge thing with the killing of her tormentors and he tells her that he doesn't need a partner. She really wants to though. So, the guys get all of the barrels loaded onto the truck and leave.

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