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Downs's Syndrome 2: The Dexoning

Previously: Dexter has a new friend who likes to leave chopped up dolls in his refrigerator after snooping around his place for clues as to who he his. His friend is known to others as the Ice Truck Killer. The ITK kidnapped Tony Tucci, a security guard, and cut off a couple of his appendages in order to mess with Dex. Rudy, one of his doctors, fit him for prostheses, and also made some sexy eye-contact with Deb. Doakes and Deb interrogated an eye-witness, but he turned out to be bullshit. Or did he? Dexter followed a kid named Jeremy Downs because he thought they had a lot in common. Turns out that Downs killed the guy he did because the guy raped him. Or did he?

Over black, we hear, "The FBI estimates that there are less than fifty serial killers active in the United States today." Here's Dexter, slicing something at the camera. He's leaving some blood spatter behind, so I'm guessing he's in the lab, trying to recreate something? With the camera on his face, he continues VOing: "We don't get together at convention, share trade secrets or exchange Christmas cards. But sometimes I wonder what it's like for the others." As he continues to slice at the camera: "The only sound I hear, the only sound in the entire world, is my heart beating." Hmm, all right, if you say so. There are actually a lot of other sounds in the world, but hey, you're going to believe what you want to believe. Dex looks down at a body laying next to him, and the camera pans out to reveal that we're at a crime scene (so close!), and Dexter has been trying to recreate the strokes that did in our unlucky corpse. Oh, and of course there's salsa music playing. Dexter continues what I like to call his "slash-dance" until Doakes interrupts his flow: "I swear to Christ, Morgan, after this case I'm submittin' yo' ass to psychiatric evaluation." "I'm just retracing cast-off patterns, directionality angles," says Dexter, very businesslike. "Can you tell us what happened here, or not?" "It's an execution." Doakes is surprised. Apparently the victim was an honor student, "editor of his high school yearbook." Dexter tells him that the knife work is expert, no stroke wasted. So it was definitely intentional. "Every stroke hit a major artery...or at least came close." As he looks at the dead kid's wrist, Dexter pauses, giving Doakes the creeps, as he does. "You got a fuckin' hard-on there, Morgan?" Covering, Dexter smiles a bit and says, "No, it's truly horrific. Yearbook committee, you said?" Doakes, unamused, wants Dexter's report the following morning. Fuck off, Doakes. "I wish I could believe Sergeant Doakes is my biggest problem right now, but he's not. I've seen these wounds before." Uh oh. I'm thinking Jeremy Downs. Why else would he have been in the previouslies?

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