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Unstable Elements
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With an appropriate amount of liquid having been sprayed onto him by a trusty PA, Dexter lies post-coitally on the forever-sullied Christmas table as DVO wonders about chemistry, and it's not super-interesting, but I'll agree with him that it's possible he only wanted to get Hannah on his table in order to deny the effect she has on him. His incomprehension of his own tendency to babble idiotically in her presence supports the theory, at least. DVO wonders what happens now, whereupon Hannah obligingly answers the question by rolling over to straddle him and holding his own knife to his throat. I did warn you about this, Dexter. She asks him how he likes it, and although he replies he doesn't, much, the excitement in his eyes says otherwise. She asks him if a normal date for him ends up with the girl wrapped up in plastic, but he tells her he doesn't date, so she wonders why he wanted to kill her. He tells her that killing bad people is what he does, prompting her to, somewhat more kittenishly, ask if he thinks she's bad, and he barely manages to breathe, "You fit the general description." Heh. She responds, just as breathily, that he has no idea, and while that's wholly untrue, I don't think Dexter's going to disabuse her of the notion, given that they're already going at it again.

Deb has brought Price back to her place, but instead of the promised making out, they're still talking about Hannah. Oh, I can't remember if I mentioned it, but last episode it was established that Price has quite the oral fixation, and they're reminding us of it by having him mercilessly decimate a straw with his teeth. Deb remarks on that, but Deb, if you really find it that irritating, you could put something else in his mouth I'M JUST SAYING. I mean, I'm not even trying to be provocative - I just hate welchers. After some more talk about his book, Deb tells Price that she's been mulling over a new angle, and brings up the dead husband Dexter told us about last episode. She thinks that if she could get permission from a next of kin to have the body exhumed, they could have it tested for aconite. Price pipes up that Hannah's husband had a sister, and she'll probably be easier to ask for permission than, you know, Hannah. Both satisfied with the plan, they proceed to have sweaty sex that puts Dexter and Hannah to shame. Well actually, Price leaves after giving Deb a kiss so chaste I would have thought Showtime's Standards and Practices would reject it as not nearly prurient enough, but given Deb's talk of getting a life and the fact that Price is about to croak, I'm rewriting the scene as Deb probably now wishes it had happened.

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