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The Murder Games
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Dexter's in line at the Post Office, and the way people are crowding into each other's personal space is enough to demonstrate how trapped he feels without the ensuing explanatory DVO; moreover, you'd think the sweltering City of Miami would have passed an ordinance about maintaining a reasonable distance from others as a matter of olfactory courtesy. Deb the babysitter is outside, I think playing Cat's Cradle with her iPod headphones, and Dexter looks like he's going out of his mind until, after one of the clerks closes up in front of him in one of those cartoonish ways they do, Dexter picks up something sharp and slices the throat of the OBVIOUS dummy. Also, this must be one posh part of Miami that doesn't use Plexiglas in its Post Offices, no? Anyway, snapping him out of the dream sequence is Deb, who enters and complains about how long this is taking, which is hilarious given that she and Dexter are both public employees, before asking him why he looks so guilty, like, NICE QUESTION TO ASK OF YOUR SERIAL-KILLER BROTHER IN A CROWDED ROOM. Dexter finally gets his turn at the window, and as we see one of the packages he's sending is addressed to Miami Metro Forensics (return is an "A. Thompson") as DVO lets us know that this is his play to get Greene out of his life. I wouldn't have said this last season, but I hope it works.

Speaking of Greene and Des Moines Metro, Dexter enters in time to have a little slo-mo pass-by staring contest with Greene after which they both seem to claim victory, and then Dexter heads into the briefing, and really, show, you're doing so much better, but given that we JUST saw that Deb took the time to escort Dexter to the Post Office, what sense does it make that they would come in separately? Deb asks Batista for an update on the Anderson investigation, but he only gets a few seconds in before Deb starts glowering in Dexter's direction, and as boring as Batista might be, it's still intense and out of character enough that Masuka notices and surreptitiously asks Dexter what's up. Dexter looks understandably freaked that Deb's surveillance of him is becoming this noticeable, but doesn't have time to dwell on it, because after Quinn presents some sort of plan that won't be relevant anyway, Deb orders Dexter to get a standard forensics sample from some suspect they just hauled in. Masuka can't let it go about how Dexter must have fucked up in Deb's eyes, and yammers at him until Dexter hilariously takes a pen and stabs "Masuka" in the carotid artery, producing a veritable fountain of blood for which I had no idea I was rooting so hard, and Dexter's "Ahhhh" reaction kind of agrees with me. Also hilariously, everyone's dream reaction is "Ohhhhh!" like "That's gotta hurt" instead of "grisly murder of a co-worker" - while I'd expect this crowd to be pretty hard-boiled, that's still cold. Deb then gives a little spiel about the end-of-month open-case numbers...

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