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"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

"You're saying Rudy called you? Why would he do that?" LaGuerta asks Dexter, with Doakes at her side. "I think he wanted me to try to talk him down. He said he was having second thoughts about killing Deb. He seemed to feel like we have some kind of connection." "He's not the only one," says Doakes. "He said he'd kill Deb if I didn't show up alone," says Dexter. Doakes says Dexter almost got Deb killed, and that he's going to request an immediate suspension when he gets back to the station. Hearing this, Deb says, "You're gonna what? Are you questioning Dexter?" "Morgan --" "Back the fuck off my brother! He just saved my life! He's a fucking hero! I want each of you to treat him that way, goddammit!" Dexter leads her away. Amazing that it took all this for her to finally step up and come to her brother's fucking defense. I guess she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore, so...

Deb and Dexter are riding in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and Dex says, "Let it go, Deb. I thought you were going to burst a frontal lobe out there." "Assholes," she says, smiling slightly, happy to return to something familiar, no matter what it is. Looking down, she realizes that she's still wearing the engagement ring that Brian gave her, and she makes a disgusted sound while trying to get it off. Dexter sees her struggling and helps her get it off. "He's still out there," she says. "Yeah." "He didn't get what he wanted." "No." "Do you think he'll try it again?" "Maybe." Dexter tells her that he'll make sure she gets an officer stationed outside her hospital room, and she says she's not staying at the fucking hospital. "Well, you're not staying at your home." "Then I'll just crash with you." He tells her to wait and see what the doctor says. After a pause, Deb cries a little and says, "Why me? Why did he choose me?" "Just lucky, I guess," he whispers. She collapses into his brotherly embrace and sobs rack her body. She thanks him over and over, and says, "Dad would be so proud."

Rita's. The phone rings, and it's got to be FIP. "Dexter?" she answers. "It's me," says FIP. Heh. "Paul, this is harassment." "Just tell me he's acting weird," he says. Rita threatens to never let him see the kids again if he keeps it up, and he says, "Fine, if that's what it takes for you to listen to me. I just want to know that they're safe." "Why are you doing this, Paul? You want me to be miserable and alone like you, is that it?" "All I want is for you to look for a shoe." He tells Rita that a shoe was missing from the items the police collected from his hotel room, and he had been wondering why his ankle was so bruised, and he thinks it's because it fell off when Dexter was dragging him. Rita hangs up on him, but she looks around herself for a second before saying, "Screw you," to nobody in particular.

"What did I just do?" Dex VOs as the camera slowly makes its way down the hallway corridor towards him. "I drove away a brother who accepts me, sees me, for an adopted sister who would reject me if she knew, and a foster father who betrayed me. That's what it was: a betrayal. The most important single fact about me. I'm not alone, and Harry kept it from me. What do I really owe him after that?" I suppose nothing, dude, but he's dead. You didn't just save Deb because of Harry's code; I'm just sayin'. A doctor comes out and asks for him. "That's me." "Your sister has a few bruises, but no major injuries. Still, you should keep an eye on her. I'll write a prescription for a mild sedative." "She's okay, right?" "She can go home tonight, as far as I'm concerned, or we can keep her here at the hospital. It's your choice."

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