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"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

"She knows. She knows. She knows!" Oh, Christ, not this asshole again. Poor Angel is trying to hear the TV, but can't over this guy's constant whining. "If she knows, then you yappin' about it isn't going to change it, so shut the fuck up," says Angel, as Pascal starts a press conference. She reveals that Rudy's been operating under an alias, and his real identity is still unclear. An orderly comes in and apologizes for the asshole in the other bed, but he's overflow from the county psych ward. "This one's harmless. We never take the violent ones. They have the arsonists, rapists, the psycho killers over there." A stunned look crosses Angel's face, and he asks the woman if they fingerprint psych patients over at County. She answers affirmatively. "Half of them don't know their own names. Gotta ID them somehow." Once she's done drugging She Knows and leaves, Angel sits up and makes a call. He tells whoever answers that he needs them to run Rudy's print against psych institution records. I would have thought that was a no-brainer, but hey, I'm no cop. Whatever. Good work, Angel.

Dexter pulls up to Laura Moser's old house, kills the engine, and gets out. When he passes the front gate, the sound of distant voices slowly becomes clearer as the sight of the now-barren front yard becomes lush and healthy-looking again. It's clear that Dex is remembering, bit by bit. Laura Moser, a hippie-ish looking young woman, comes out of the front door, calling for Dexter as though they're playing an impromptu game of hide-and-seek. "Where are you, you silly little bear?" Stepping into his own memory, Dex walks right up to her, and turns around to see his much younger self hiding behind a plant, semi-obviously. Dexter looks at her hand, and her nails are painted different colors, a detail that seems impossible for Rudy to know about, unless... Little Dexter jumps out from behind the plant, and mother and son embrace and laugh. "Hey, where could your brother be hiding?" Laura asks Li'l Dexter, and it all becomes clear. Li'l Dex points and says, "Biney right over there." Dexter looks over and sees a kid of about four or five with a bowl-cut peering around a tree. The kid runs over and hugs Dexter, telling him, "You weren't supposed to tell her." "You remember now?" asks Rudy, who's standing on the front porch, looking at Dexter. "Biney," says Dexter. "You always had trouble saying 'Brian,'" says Rudy, now walking towards him. "I have a brother," whispers Dexter, his mind completely blown to smithereens. "A real brother," elaborates Ru-- Brian. "None of this foster bullshit. We're blood brothers, through birth and death. Watching Mom's amazing that we survived that, isn't it?" Holy crap, you guys. Dexter flashes back to the shipping container, but this time it's little Dexter and little Brian sitting in blood together. "You were there, too," says Dex. "You were young enough to block it out. I have never forgotten the day that we were --" "Born," Dex finishes with a whisper. "Where's Deb?" "I wanted to wait for you before we got started," Brian replies as Dex races into the house.

Inside, Dexter calls out for Deb, but Brian tells him she's not in the house. Dex keeps looking around frantically, and Brian says, "This is not how I envisioned our family reunion. Come on, let's just sit down and have a beer." Dexter opens another door, and the room of his childhood is built up around him. He and Brian are on the floor, and Brian is applying a band-aid to little Dexter's knee, congratulating him on his first skateboard wipe-out and telling him to bend his knees next time. Dexter looks at his younger self and says hello. "Hi," little Dexter says back. "Look out!" But it's too late: Brian has already snuck up and plunged a syringe of M99 into Dex's neck. As Dexter goes to sleep, Brian says, "I didn't want to do it this way." Dude...what? Man, that shit is crazy. At least now we know how they're connected. But where is this going?

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