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"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

Doakes, at Rudy's place, gets off the phone and tells LaGuerta that he just tracked Rudy's name to a "plumber who mysteriously died in '98." "You've got to be kidding me. We still don't have an ID on this guy?" she says incredulously. "Rudy isn't his real name?" says Dexter. "You tryin' to be smart?" asks Doakes. "Not trying, no," says Dexter, with attitude, which is fun for me. Doakes gets up in his face, and LaGuerta says, "Whatever it is that's going on between you two, it ends now." They both step back a bit. LaGuerta asks Dexter what he found in the freezer, and he tells her that he only found the obvious, and that Rudy probably killed all of his victims in there. "I'd like to check out the rest of the place before I go." And so he does. After some searching, he finds a little record player, which he opens to find a seven-inch of "Born Free." "It's perfect," he VOs. "Right out in the open. At least he's consistent." Dexter asks the cop nearby if anything else was near the record player, and the guy shows him a doll that looks exactly like the one Rudy left in Dex's fridge, wearing an apron that says "Home Sweet Home" on it. "Is he taking me back before the blood, to a place where a boy was born? 'Home Sweet Home,' but which home?" Dexter hands the doll back to the guy, who looks at him strangely, and leaves with Doakes's eyes trained on him.

Rudy and Deb are in some garage with black garbage bags taped up on the walls and blue athletic mats on the floor. "Down on the floor, please," Rudy says, but Deb, who's blindfolded with her arms bound, breaks free and runs into a wall. It kind of reminds me of Jean Lundegaard when Carl and Gaear get to their wintry hideout. "This is kind of foolish, Deb," Rudy says calmly as Deb continues to bounce off the walls. He grabs her and sweeps her legs, making her fall to the ground. Rudy takes out a syringe, saying, "I don't usually work this way. Call it an homage to a fellow traveller I greatly admire." He plunges the M99 into her neck, and she passes out.

"Laura Moser," VOs Dex as he looks at his mother's mugshot on his laptop at the station. "Addict, dealer. My mother. Arrested in '69 and again in '71, same address listed both times. 1235 Mangrove Drive. They say home is where the heart is. Maybe this is where I left mine." He writes the address down and stands up to leave when Rita comes in carrying coffees and says, "Surprise!" "What are you doing here?" asks Dex, agitated. "White chocolate mocha, your favorite." "I'm going to have to drink it on the road," he says, and books past her. She tries to get his attention, asking him for a tour of the place since she's never been there, and he tells her it'll have to wait. "What's going on?" "It's Deb, she's in trouble." "Oh, God, is it serious?" Dude, Rita? Honey? I love you, but you really need to learn how to read body language. It's pretty clear Dex can't be shagged to deal with your needy bullshit right now, so lay the fuck off. Thanks, babe. You're a sweetheart. Dexter tells her that, yes, it's fucking serious. "I just can't worry about you, too, right now." She looks crestfallen, which I'm getting used to from her. She gets upset pretty easily. She should probably learn to expect less from life, because then she'll never be disappointed.

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