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"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

Rudy's enjoying an energy bar and a piano concerto in the car as Deb's muffled screams carry on from the trunk. Rudy shakes his head and pulls the car over. He gets out and opens the trunk, where Deb is lying next a dead guy with a bullet wound in his head. Rudy says, "Sorry, but you're drowning out Fred's radio, and he was kind enough to lend us his wheels." He grabs a fresh piece of duct tape and shuts Deb up again. I'm getting the impression that Deb doesn't like this.

Dexter's at Rudy's apartment, where the cops have finally gotten in. "His happy place," Dexter VOs as he enters, "where he kills more than time. This is where he'd leave me a clue." As he looks around, we see that the apartment is filled with molds of extremities, heads, and other body parts. LaGuerta points him to the walk-in freezer, where he sees the racks of blood buckets (all empty as a result of the Marina View Hotel incident), as well as the bloodstained hanging rack where Rudy has slaughtered most of his victims. Masuka turns around, wearing an anorak, and tells Dexter to bundle up. "I like the cold." "Hypothermia can easily sneak up on you." "Yeah, so can hypochondria," says Dexter, looking around intently. "A home setup like this would take years to put together. He must have hated leaving it behind." Masuka asks what Dexter's looking for, and he says, "A clue. A signature or calling card, anything out of the ordinary that might tell us where he went." Masuka says he doesn't think the ITK "had us in mind when he did this. But you were right: he rushed his last one." "He killed that girl to keep us busy so he could escape," says Dex. Masuka starts elevating the rack with the remote control. "I can think of a million different uses for this, you know what I mean?" "That's my sister, Vince." Masuka's embarrassed. It's okay. I still love the guy. Dexter tells Karen, who's in charge of evidence, to take photos of everything in the room, and to get him an inventory list when she's done. "Is he in charge?" she asks Masuka. "I guess he is now," he says as Dex start examining the table.

Rita is doing yard work when she's visited by Bob Hicks, who is FIP's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. "Having your sponsor do your dirty work? Which step is that?" says Rita sarcastically. "He's just concerned for the kids." "He's concerned for himself." Hicks tells her he thought FIP was lying, too, until he saw the X-ray of his head, which showed a fracture. "Yeah, which I gave him." He says that there were other X-rays from that incident that didn't show a fracture, "but in prison...fracture." Uh-oh. Rita tells him that if he "really knew Paul, you'd know that he'd bash his own head against a wall to get what he wants." Bob tells her that the way Paul was attacked would require skill, but Rita's still not buying it. "Bob, you seem like a nice man, but this is none of your goddamn business." She goes back inside in a huff.

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