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"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

Rudy has loaded Deb onto a small motorboat, and begins putting away from the rented yacht into the dark of the night. Deb looks a little miffed.

Miami morning. At the hospital, Angel's roommate is obviously a psych patient, because he keeps repeating "she knows" over and over again. Doakes and LaGuerta come in, and Angel's all, "All fucking night with that." Doakes shuts the guy up for a second, and turns back to Angel. "We need your help. Masuka says you were following up a lead on the ITK when you were attacked." "A hooker with a prosthetic hand. John painted her nails different colors, but it didn't go nowhere." LaGuerta tells him she was the one who just got hacked to bits. "Holy shit, Monique was a victim?" They explain that the ITK was on his trail, and that his stabbing wasn't a car-jacking at all. Angel says he doesn't get it, because the only other person who knew what he was doing was Masuka. LaGuerta asks him if there was anyone else involved. "I consulted with Rudy, Debra's boyfriend, the prosthetics guy." A look of understanding hits LaGuerta and Doakes. "But, that's crazy, right?" asks Angel, knowing immediately what they're thinking. Doakes tells him it's not, because she never returned from her date with Rudy last night. "That's not like her," says LaGuerta. "Go, just fucking go!" says Angel. Damn, can you imagine what that feels like, to come to that kind of realization? Man oh man. Doakes and LaGuerta peace the hell out of there.

Back with Dexter, whose place is a total mess seeing as he's been up all night looking for clues. He sitting as his desk, looking over documents with a magnifying glass. He's on a picture of the cargo container where he was left as a toddler. "There are over five-thousand cargo containers in the port of Miami. Finding the one where my mother was butchered took a bit of magic." He's found it: CBAN 3489. He writes the number down and says, "Presto." There's a knock at the door. He looks out the window to see who it is, and says, "Shit." Probably Doakes. Dexter yells, "Just a second!" and hides some of his more important files. He answers the door, and it's Doakes and LaGuerta. "I told you he was here," Doakes says to LaGuerta. "Is there some reason you're not answering your damn phone?" "Ambien," says Dexter, trying to appear casual. Noticing the torn-up room, LaGuerta asks him what happened. "I couldn't find the remote." Good answer! Doakes asks where Deb is, and Dexter says he has no idea. LaGuerta says that Rudy is connected to the ITK somehow, and they're working on a warrant to search his place. "Oh, wow," says Dexter, putting a hand up his face and acting distraught. "Cut the crap!" says Doakes, seeing right through it. "You know something, dammit. What?" LaGuerta reprimands Doakes, but he continues: "I saw him skulking in the halls last night, ordering secret blood tests." LaGuerta asks Dexter what that's all about, and he answers honestly, saying that the blood on Angel's collar matched Rudy's. "Motherfucker," says Doakes, approaching Dexter aggressively. LaGuerta tells James to cool his jets, and they ask why he didn't tell them. "I couldn't destroy Deb's love life on a hunch. I needed the facts." "Well, here's a fact: if he kills her, it's your fault," says Doakes. "What else do you know?" "That's it," says Dexter. Doakes thinks he's lying, but LaGuerta tells him to give Dexter a break: "It's his sister, right?" Doakes storms out, and LaGuerta comforts Dexter, telling him to call if he hears anything. Once they're gone, Dexter pulls out the shipping container number from his pocket.

Rita answers the phone, and it's FIP. "Please don't hang up," he says pleadingly. Rita tells him the kids don't want to talk to him: "You need to give them more time." He says he's not calling about them, but about how he was arrested. "Yeah, with a needle in your arm, I know all about it." "Well, I don't!" he says. "I take responsibility for all the shit I pull, but Rita, I was in the program. I kicked the hard stuff." He keeps trying to convince her that he can't put together how he was at her house one minute, then at his motel out of his mind on junk the next. "It's called a blackout, Paul." "It's called a setup! Last thing I remember, I was talking to Dexter in the kitchen." He then floats the idea that Dexter hit him over the head, and proceeded to do...everything Dexter actually did do. "I'm telling you, Rita, Dexter's not who you think he is." That's true, but you're a douche. Don't call here anymore. Go get stabbed. Rita hangs up.

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