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Mr. Stupidhead: A | 2 USERS: A+
"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

"Yeah, they see me," he finishes, as the dream parade continues in slow motion. "I'm one of them, in their darkest dreams."

Well, that was pretty sweet. I figured Rudy/Brian/the ITK was related to Dexter somehow, but I could never have guessed how deep it went. I imagine we're going to have to deal with some serious PTSDeb next season, as well as the whole thing with FIP's shoe. You know, all in all, Dexter really only killed a handful of people in the first season. I wonder if the body count will be upped in the coming season, or lowered because Doakes will be on Dexter's ass all the time. I guess we can only wait and see. See you then!

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