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Cry For Me
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As Dexter enters Hannah's kitchen to find her chopping herbs, DVO wonders if Deb's call was just a bad dream or if she really wants him to kill Hannah. Dexter asks how he can help, and when Hannah asks him to dice something, he picks out a cleaver reminiscent of the one used in Delicatessen, and given this show's subject matter I'm kind of surprised it took me this long to make that reference. Regardless of the size of the weapon being wielded in her presence, Hannah is clearly enjoying Dexter's company, and the fact that he uses the thing only on the herbs probably helps.

Cut to Hannah bringing their plates out to the table, whereupon Dexter, pointing out the calendar that I believe is from 1996, makes a joke about it before noting that it's the year she ran off with Randall. Hannah, however, says she keeps it not for that reason but because the picture she has it open to is of Argentina, which she imagines to be "nice, happy. Home." Dexter then gets a text from "my sister and my lieutenant," and frankly I'm surprised Hannah doesn't start slapping him right there in an homage to Chinatown, but she is taken aback that the woman who in no uncertain terms called her a murderer just the day before is Dexter's kin. Hilariously, Dexter is like, "Yeah, I didn't mention that," and Hannah agrees that he did not indeed. They both laugh, and then Hannah wonders if what they're doing is crazy; she then goes on that she knows they agreed never to see each other again, so if the night before was a one-time thing, she's okay with that. "But if you never want to see each other again tomorrow night, then I'm okay with that too." Dexter's completely noncommittal about the whole thing, which, luckily, Hannah seems to find charming, but DVO is preoccupied anyway with the idea that he's got to find a way to get her out of Deb's head. Don't worry, Dexter, now that Price has been dead like a whole twelve hours, I'm sure Deb's ready to move on.

Speaking of Deb, she opens up for Dexter and offers him coffee, which she's apparently made in abundance since she "couldn't fucking sleep." Forestalling his errand for a moment, Dexter accepts, but he sees even more clearly how cut out his work is for him when he observes a bunch of Hannah-related material Deb's apparently been examining. Dexter cautiously asks Deb if she really means what she said the night before, and she evenly tells him yes; not only that, she's already vetted her for him. So among all the reasons Deb's going to lose it later, we can add the fact that she did all this work it turns out Dexter had already done. Dexter tries to play obstructionist, telling Deb she doesn't even know Price was murdered, but when Deb plays Price's tape of Hannah's confession, the point becomes hard to argue. Dexter tries anyway, telling Deb that Hannah was just a kid back then, but Deb won't back down, so Dexter has to flat-out tell her he's not killing Hannah. Deb gets emotional as she tells him how hard it was for her to ask him to do so, and she tried and tried to come up with something she could use against Hannah, but ultimately, she can't let her kill again -- not after what happened with Speltzer. "You're all I have left." Dexter looks at her, honestly unsure what to do, but his phone lets him know he has a text - from Astor, saying her grandfather's kidney stones are acting up. I've had gallstones, which I think kidney stones put to shame, so I'm going to say OUCH for poor Grandpa. Having had a moment to think, Dexter reminds Deb that she told him she didn't want to be part of his world, and if she could hardly live with herself for lying to Batista, how's she going to feel about essentially ordering someone's death? Deb, however, informs Dexter that there's actually quite a lot she can live with these days, but Dexter tells her he cares about her too much to let her do this, and by the way, Harry would back him up. Deb is forced to accept this, prompting DVO to intone, "Even though everything I said is true, it doesn't make me any less of a liar." Thanks for saving me the trouble, DVO. For once.

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