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As people mill about Cassie's surely-cool-by-now corpse in the usual three-quarter speed that accompanies such scenes on this show, DVO tells us that, essentially, he's too horned up to focus on the crime scene. As if to drive home the point, the shot of Dead Cassie gives way to several sexy, probably-nude looks at Hannah, and even the murderess herself might think that transition was a little fucked up. Masuka snaps Dexter back to reality, and from the murder weapon being a decorative swan of Cassie's, they conclude that the crime wasn't planned and Cassie let the killer into her place voluntarily. This makes Masuka wonder if Oliver was the culprit.

Speaking of which, Batista is asking Oliver about his plans with Cassie that evening IN FULL VIEW OF THE CORPSE. (As my tennis coach says when I flub a particularly easy shot, "That's pro!"). After we learn Oliver is a structural engineer, DVO wonders if paying more attention to Zack might have saved Cassie's life, and then we see Batista consoling Jamie, like, "Can we take this outside already, or should we just have the funeral right now?" It's not like that much embalming is going to be necessary. Dexter notices blood underneath Cassie's fingernails and takes a sample, recalling that Zack and Cassie crossed paths once and then Deb turns up to the Let's Gawk At Dead Cassie party. (She didn't even bring a sixer!).

After Deb asks if Dexter's okay (he actually takes a long moment before telling her yes) she brings up Hannah, but before they can get into it Batista interrupts them and Deb wonders who would want to kill Cassie. When she realizes she's slipping back into her old Lieutenant role, she apologizes, but Batista tells her she's always welcome back, which would seem a bit heavy-handed given what's to come if he weren't such a staunch devotee of hers. She laughs that maybe she'll put an application in the mail before turning to Dexter and saying she'll return to finish their conversation, and Dexter's like great, "I need threats on top of everything else in my life."

The next day, Dexter meets Hannah down by the marina and tells her he needs to get her out of town ASAP, and he has a guy that can get her a new passport. Well, that's a claim the show can back up. She somewhat flirtatiously points out that he could have called with that news before telling him they missed a spot of blood cleaning up – it was on "the edge of the whiskey bottle," and you'd think they would have been a bit more careful given that she's making it sound like THAT WAS THE DEATH WEAPON, but her point is that "I was so glad to see it, because it reminded me of you."

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