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Courting or Stalking
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Previously: Dexter and Rita are having a baby and Dexter worries that he might not be a good father. Earlier, Dexter accidentally killed the Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado's brother, Oscar. Their other brother Ramon is a total hot head and wants the police to find Freebo, the person that everybody thinks killed Oscar. Deb (with the help of Dex) gets leads on the case of a Jane Doe, Teegan, which exonerates Freebo from her killing. Yuki, from Internal Affairs, is asking Deb to provide surveillance on Quinn, an officer in her unit. Deb arrested an informant, Anton, and Quinn got really bent out of shape about it. And, it looks like something might happen between Deb and Anton. Maria is getting anxious because Miguel won't reopen a case that he successfully prosecuted in which she knows of a witness that would clear the convicted guy (Chicky Hines).

This show doesn't seem as crazily dense when you're watching it, but those previews are PACKED. We begin with Dexter watching Astor and Cody playing with fake swords. He VO's that role-playing is a very important part of growing up. He says that he always played to perfection whatever role Deb assigned to him when they were children, whether it was monster, Nazi, etc. Doesn't seem like either of those would be the hugest of stretches, at least outwardly. Sure, he may kill the right people, but still. Rita approaches Dexter and suggests that they tell the children about her pregnancy lest they hear it from "someone else." Like who? Her ob/gyn? The tons and tons of friends and family they have hanging out at their pad?

Rita gets the kids' attention and tells them that she and Dexter have something to tell them. Astor asks what and Dexter just blurts out that they're having a baby. Rita looks kind of stunned. She says that soon they will have a little or brother or sister to play with. "Which one?" asks Cody. Rita asks him which one he would want -- "A puppy." Lack of knowledge about biology or ice cold shut down? I'm guessing the former. Dexter says that they can have a puppy AND a baby. Does he know how much trouble puppies are? Rita looks even more stunned. Astor doesn't seem pleased either. She says, "But you're not even married." Dexter says that he had never even thought about marriage and Rita is done. She's getting the potato salad and then they are leaving. Looks like they're going to the beach. While in thought, Dexter VO's that he's a Family Man -- which sounds so upstanding. It sounds much "better" (or, less suspicious) than a guy who lives by alone and keeps to himself. He turns to Rita and says, "Should we?" Wow. For a guy who knows how to break into tons of places, incapacitate people, drag them to a place that he made all neat with Sara Wrap, kill them, dump their bodies, and GET AWAY WITH IT, that was a totally fucked up move. I'm certain that vengeance will be Rita's and probably in a mere matter of moments. Cody says that would be cool. "You'd be my dad." Rita shuts down the conversation, saying that this isn't something that they will be deciding today. She tells the kids to grab their things and sends them away.

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