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Meeting Miguel
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I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I for one am very thankful that we get to spend this wholesome holiday together analyzing everyone's favorite mass murderer. Previously: Miguel and Dexter killed a bad guy together. Deb's research leads her to believe that The Skinner is monitoring his victims while trimming trees. Dexter refused to kill Ellen Wolf, causing Miguel's temper to flair. Anton is missing and Deb believes that The Skinner has him.

Dexter is waking up and VO'ing through his morning routine. He kisses Rita, makes lunch for the kids, showers and dresses, and puts on his pretense. Is that the new David Beckham cologne? He continues, VO'ing that there was no pretense between him and Miguel last night, when they killed Billy Fleeter. He's psyched. Someone knows his "truth." He's not alone. At least, it seems like he's happy about that.

There's a knock at the door -- it's Syl, and she doesn't look happy. She says that she needs to see Dexter's face as she asks him a question -- was he with Miguel last night? Dexter confirms that they were indeed together -- they were out late and Dexter didn't get home until midnight. That's funny, because it's real light outside and Miguel just got home AN HOUR ago. Rita comforts Syl as she starts crying and saying that Miguel is having an affair. Rita tells her that she can't be sure of that -- which is nice of her, I guess. Except Rita has had experience with shitty partners and lying about our whereabouts is definitely a bad sign and you'd think she'd want to spare someone the same pain that she has gone through. But, we know that Rita likes to work through stuff, so this probably makes sense. Syl says that, when you have been married as long as she and Miguel have been, you know when the other is lying. Dex VO's that that's something to look forward to. Um, I think you're safe with Rita. In fact, she asks Dexter if he knows where Miguel went. He doesn't -- which makes Syl feel worse. He tries to make the situation feel better by clumsily adding that he knows that Miguel had a case that he needed to work on, at the office. No one believes him. Syl says that this isn't their problem and she gets up to go, but Rita stops her. She says that Syl will stay there as long as she needs to be there. Dexter says that he's going to leave for work and he does.

Outside, Dexter's face gets really steely and he VO's that he will be making a detour before work. He arrives at Miguel's house, just as Miguel is leaving. He's dressed for work and whistling "Camptown Races." He sees Dexter and is all smiles. He hugs Dex and asks him if he's OK. He is. Miguel says that there was an imbalance in the world and they fixed it, with their own hands. He adds that he feels "real," maybe for the first time in his life. Well, if he wants to continue their "extracurricular activities" (he does), Miguel will need to work on his alibi. He tells him that Syl dropped by their house wondering where he'd been. Miguel is immediately contrite and says that he's a moron -- he needed to unwind after the killing and went to Jack's Hideaway, a bar. The next think he knew, the sun was coming up. He says that he will take care of Syl -- now he's got to get to work for a motion hearing that he doesn't want to miss. Before he drives away, he tells Dexter that he will get better at this with Dexter's help. Then, he's gone. Dexter VO's that he nabbed a wife-killer at Jack's Hideaway last year, right at closing time, which was 2 AM. Syl said that Miguel got home just an hour ago, so now he's wondering if Miguel just lied to him.

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