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We get right into it this week, as our first shots are close-ups of the aftermath of a brutal motorcycle accident. Zack Hamilton, the son whose given name we did not learn last week, is nearby snapping photo after photo with an actual camera as Dexter watches from his car and DVO notes that Zack seems obsessed with blood, just like him. He goes on that he's been vetting Zack for a week and as yet still lacks proof that he killed Rivera, but he's sure if he keeps at it the truth will become clear. However, he then tails Zack's Porsche to Vogel's door, and in deference to Vogel's heritage I'll note that we've suddenly got a spanner in the works.

Later, Dexter sees Zack get back in his car and take off, whereupon he marches straight into Vogel's place and asks without preamble if Zack is now a client of hers. Vogel gives the obligatory amused "nice to see you too" before explaining that Zack's father contacted her – as I mentioned, it seemed very likely last episode that he knew what his son had done to Rivera – because of her work with psychopaths, although she only says Hamilton was concerned with his son's "propensity for violence." If I were Dexter, I'd wonder what violent behavior Hamilton was referring to if not the Rivera murder, but I suppose that won't affect Dexter's process – as he tells Vogel, if he can find solid proof of Zack being a murderer, he'll kill him.

Vogel somewhat blithely notes that they have a conflict of interest, to which Dexter expresses his disbelief that Vogel's going to continue her work with killers after the Yates fiasco. Rather than point out that she had a recent win with Deb, Vogel informs Dexter that ethics preclude her discussing Zack any further, and although they have a good laugh about that, Vogel says this is her work – she treats dangerous people, and besides, he doesn't have any proof about Zack. Dexter replies that he will, so Vogel asks him to come to her before killing Zack should he succeed in his search. Probably will want to bill for a double session before the end, I'd guess. Dexter gruffly says he'll think about it, but he's not going to deny her. She's the Psychopath Whisperer, remember?

Oh no, there's a familiar-looking but unidentified building! How will I fight the panic of not knowing where we are for the two seconds before the actual scene starts? Now that I think about it, though, I wonder if the show gets a tax incentive for including a certain percentage of filmed-in-Florida footage. (You all know the bulk of it is filmed in Long Beach, just south of LA, right?) Anyway, Masuka is getting the results of Deb's check into his daughter, and she's in debt up to her ears, with a credit score so low it would have sounded made up pre-George W. It's so bad that collection agencies are involved, but Deb still thinks it's not definite that Nikki's after Masuka for money, although Masuka does tell her that "oops I forgot my purse" move she pulled last episode has become habitual. Ick. Deb, however, gives the practical advice that if Masuka likes having Nikki in his life, he should wait it out until things become clear one way or the other, and Masuka agrees before giving Deb a hug I find endearing in spite of myself. Deb seems to feel the same way, but soon Elway's calling her into his office for a new case – involving his sister. You see, she's dating a, to use a term I first heard from Malory Archer, notorious poonhound, one who keeps a hotel suite solely to service all the tail he pulls, and since "Susan" hasn't listened to his warnings, he wants to catch the guy in the act. He adds that the job will be "a lot less conspicuous if we work this as a couple," which is an odd choice of phrase – it sounds like he's saying he wants them to pose as a couple, but since it becomes clear later that he and the boyfriend have met, that doesn't seem like a possible approach. Maybe it's just for the benefit of others who might ask questions, and not that it's worth spending that much time on anyway, so let's just say Deb isn't thrilled about getting involved in another family's business but agrees. How does Elway make any money, seriously?

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