A Horse Of A Different Color

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"Here's A Revelation. You're Idiots."
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Dexter, along with many Mos Def hangers-on and also Harrison, who's wearing an adorably large hat, is at the beach watching Mos Def baptize someone, as Mos Def said he was going to last week. DVO babbles some of the most simplistic observations about religion, but the part that's worth noticing is how much Dexter wishes he had something to believe in as much as Mos Def believes in God, as said belief has obviously brought him peace. We drive home this notion with some slow-motion shots of Mos Def smiling beatifically...

...and then Harrison is playing in the sand when Mos Def squats down next to him, and Dexter calls from his spot under an umbrella that it's his son, and encourages Harrison to say hi. He doesn't, so you can see the resemblance. Dexter then mentions that he'll be coming into the shop again, and I kind of love how his poor car has been taking it on the chin in order to make sure this plotline gets properly, um, serviced. (Sorry. But seriously, that car should just be happy it's not on Breaking Bad.) Mos Def eagerly asks what Dexter thought of the whole ceremony, and Dexter responds with the dreaded "interesting" before redeeming (ooh, this is not going well) himself somewhat by saying he thinks the idea of second chances is great, failing to add "Because without them, I would have killed you some time ago, and we wouldn't have become sort of best buds." He does amend the idea to "for Nick," however, prompting Mos Def to observe that Dexter probably thinks the idea that a dunk in the bay could fix all your problems is "bullshit." DVO replies, "That's one word for it," and I have to ask in all seriousness: Do the writers of these voiceovers understand English? Seriously, that's an expression that suggests Mos Def is euphemizing or understating the case, but as I quoted, he said Dexter thinks that it's bullshit. What is the word or sentiment Dexter's thinking of that's so much stronger? The answer is that there isn't one -- the show is just in the habit of being far too indiscriminate with its VOs, erring on their side instead of relying on the Michael C. Hall's acting to get the point across, which clearly would have been sufficient in this case. Of course, I suppose the VO could have been "That's one word for it, which as it happens is also the exact one I'm thinking of," but I suppose they thought it wouldn't sound as good. And look, I know bitching about the overabundance of VOs at this point in the series is beyond hopeless, but the misuse of an expression that's hardly esoteric is particularly irksome. In conclusion: Shut up, DVO. Mos Def and Dexter then have an exchange about religion that's going nowhere but is easy and respectful, and then when Dexter's phone rings, he calls to Harrison to get the car, and Mos Def plays along: "Somebody got to do the driving with him." You guys, the fact that Dexter has an actual friend now, let alone someone as awesome as Mos Def, is easily my favorite part of this season.

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