A Beautiful Day

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The Gathering Storm
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Over a montage of Harrison playing with a kite, a rainbow penetrating the dark and cloudy sky, an instrumental version of "What A Wonderful World" plays as DVO tells us there's nothing like a crisis to help define who you are. Sounds like Dexter's read Robert McKee's Story. The montage goes on with, among other shots, Dexter experimentally crushing a dummy head as Masuka watches and Harrison playing soccer; DVO tells us that a better person would have felt remorse, but the fact is that LaGuerta's death got him back on track, and he's even coached Harrison's soccer team to a championship and gotten the bowling team back together. We then get possibly the most gratuitous shot since Road Trip of a woman removing her top as DVO goes on that he's "made some new friends," although I will grant a lot of style points for Hannah's orchid mournfully dropping its bloom in protest of having to witness it.

With the montage over, Dexter, holding Harrison's hand, arrives at a dedication service for LaGuerta at which Batista is already speaking about how he knows LaGuerta never regretted one day of her public service. Well, it's a nice sentiment, but I have to think there are one or two things about that last day she'd change. Harrison proves he's old enough to handle a little new-season exposition when he asks if "Aunt Deb" is going to be there, and Dexter tells him it's hypocritical enough for him to be in attendance without bringing the woman who actually pulled the trigger to her victim's memorial, but they'll get together "real soon." After some words about how LaGuerta was first and foremost a friend to him, Matthews takes the stand, thanking "Lieutenant Batista" before presenting the Captain Maria LaGuerta...bench? No line item for sculpture in the Dexter budget, I guess. The crowd gives this a smattering of polite applause, which is really all they can do.

Afterward, Jamie shepherds Harrison away, and then the core MM group - that's Dexter, Batista, Quinn, Masuka, and that female cop I'm still not sure has a name - stand around the memorial, with Batista unsurprisingly complaining about the gesture he views as fairly miniscule. We learn it's been six months since the last season ended and that Batista still has boxes of LaGuerta's stuff at his place, and talk then turns to Deb, with Dexter making the excuse that she's working long hours but assuring them that she's great, with a delivery that suggests he actually has not the slightest clue how she's doing. Masuka lets us know Deb took LaGuerta's death hard, and Batista is like, I know how that feels, because when that cop from Chicago I knew for like five minutes was killed, it made me want to open a restaurant, which I guess I must have sold now, since LaGuerta's death made me want to chase bad guys again. Quinn then pipes up with some actually relevant information, saying that after she quit the force, he'd hear from her every few days for some informational favor or other, but for the past two weeks she's been silent, since she's up in Ft. Lauderdale. Dexter turns atypically but fairly hilariously maladroit at lying when he's like, oh, of course I knew she was out of town, in the Keys no wait Ft. Lauderdale, and when the others tell him it'd be great to see Deb, he's like, it sure would... I mean, I'll tell her! Hee. Once everyone starts to scatter, Dexter tries Deb's number but gets her voicemail and a message that her mailbox is full, so he calls to Masuka to cover for him as DVO notes that Deb's working through her feelings in her own way, but he wishes she'd talk to him once in a while...

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