The Serpent's Egg

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Nolan killed Irisa's birth-parents during the Pale Wars, and that's all we know about that. Rafe and presumably the entire town are very excited about getting a "maglev spur" -- which is to say a railway station -- but Amanda isn't interested in doing that if it means becoming indebted to Earth Republic, which everybody agrees would be crummy, but not everybody agrees is inevitable once you start down the slippery slope. A couple of Spirit Riders proved there are many sides to the town's painful history with the Irath, the adoptive father proved an adept shaman and the adoptive daughter proved a terrorist.


Alak Tarr's "Raider Radio" -- which broadcasts from the top of the St. Louis arch -- blares "Ride Captain Ride" in a very excitedly multicultural fashion, until such time as the biweekly Land Coach arrives from points east, dropping off several of this week's storylines and picking up a couple more. In a whirlwind of exposition, the board is set:

Amanda will be accompanying Nolan -- for reasons unknown -- as he accompanies Rynn the Irath Terrorist to jail in Vegas, for reasons of she is a terrorist. He will also be accompanying a suitcase full of cash from the people of Defiant for the maglev spur, which they've apparently raised independently after all. Also on the train -- which is like a Brinks truck with an airport shuttle or half-sized charter bus inside -- are a preacherman (so obviously watch out for that guy) and Olfin Tennety, the amusingly named ambassador from Earth Republic who's been lobbying Amanda aggressively for weeks.

She's humorless, very PR, very faux-friendly, mercenary, beautiful and soulless, like Nan Flanagan crossed with Paul Reiser from Aliens. I've said before that I love the E-Rep presence on the show, because of the particular chapter in the prototype reconstruction narrative that it represents: Bodies growing, consuming territory, storing up power, sucking away resources in order to grow the empire, but always in the pursuit of restoring civilization.

So you could be a part of the Republic and be a great person, or a shitty person, or whatever: We've moved past the complexifying numbers where Defiance works -- where socialism or whatever silly experiment would work -- and into the kind of (I'd say inevitable) bureaucracy that becomes its own sovereign state and self-sustaining corporation. In Fallout, I love the NCR because it's important to believe in something larger than yourself -- in this show we can hate the analogue, because that something larger is Defiance herself.

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