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Blood Makes Noise
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Irisa, pissed that her dad was throwing in his lot with the people of Defiance, ran off -- but eventually showed back up in the nick of time with an army of Irathient Spirit Riders, and defeated the Volge. At the time, it seemed she was just prejudiced against the idea of cities, but as we've come to know more about Defiance's relationship with their Irath expatriates, the situation's become more complex: Religious issues eight years back caused a massacre and emigration of the Irath population, which benefitted the citizens (most of them, lol) in its wake, but did nothing to ease the tension with Irath in the region.

The dream of Defiance is that of all races coming together to form a new super-race where nobody's a minority because everybody is. And the price of that dream is, for now, the Irath. What is to all appearances a beautiful, rich -- and notably spiritual -- culture has been turned in the wake of Arkfall into roving grody bands of Mad Max raiders that everyone fears and still nobody respects.

And while Irisa may have legitimate claims against her people, she's the one teen character -- versus Alak and the McCawleys -- actually moving in the opposite direction: While they are engaged in the project of synthesizing their heritage, moving toward the dream of Defiance, her journey has to be in some ways about reintegrating her own Irath heritage. No matter how unattractive it seems, or what anybody thinks of them, or even the ways in which her human father has unthinkingly made that harder.

There's a reason that when Irisa ran, she ran to the Irath -- specifically, to the very same Spirit Rider group that had mugged her of her future days before -- and this episode goes far explaining why.

(And, while we're doing Previouslies, I should also acknowledge that I previously guessed her burgeoning psychic powers caused the original bad situation from which Nolan rescued her, whatever it was, because Slytherins always fall to omens and dark dreams. But the truth is a lot stranger, and awesomer, more balanced, and ultimately harder than that. As are the Irath.)


Dalton Taggart retrieves his kicks from a cache in an abandoned jeep, turns on some classical music in the old earbuds, and goes running. This is lovely because of the diagetic/non-diagetic thing happening, where his subjective music becomes ours, and thus whatever violence is going on is scored by this in the silence, but also because it makes him seem like a pretty neat guy: Holding on to his morning jog, whatever else happens.

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