The Bride Wore Black

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Stahma has gone to great lengths to secure a marriage between the Tarrs and the McCawleys, ostensibly as part of a larger coup; Christie McCawley's father Rafe has been acclimating slowly to the idea, but may balk now that he's lost both his sons. Tommy helped -- and covered for -- Irisa when she took vengeance on the Casti snakehandler that destroyed her childhood; they banged, but she's been cold ever since.

We learned Doc Yewll was part of Nicky Riordan's cabal at some point and Nicky finally got ahold of the Golden Knot that operates the mysterious (genocidal?) Kaziri, beneath the town. We also learned about some painful past romances for both Rosewater sisters: Kenya's the abusive businessman Hunter Bell and Amanda's an E-Rep Ambassador named Connor Lang, the latter of whom died last week at the hands of Datak Tarr, who's now also making a move on Amanda's job.


Castithan bachelor parties: How gross? Very. The most interesting part is that prostitute Tirra, wearing a bridal gown, sits in a cage waiting for the groom to fake-fuck ("pony-mount") her in front of all his friends, once he's done beating them all up one by one. ("Male Casti... put their women in cages and fuck them to impress each other," he wrote, thinking it was a metaphor.) But it's not just gross, it's the whole thing: These first-generation kids playing out the traditions for the simple fact that they're traditions. You don't have to be involved in an immigrant narrative to watch the meaning drain out of a tradition. It happens all the time, every generation, but this is poignant. The desultory way they do the steps.

"On the eve of your wedding, you've defeated your savage brothers. Now it's time to taste the fruits of your victory. Rembu! Rembu! Rembu!"

I'm presuming "Rembu" is Casti for "no homo," because boys? You are doing this way wrong. Whatever you think you're accomplishing, it makes no sense from over here.

Alak: "Ritual coitus is so old-school. It's 2046."
Tirra: "Shiro ksa yu re ya, Alak. Are you saying no to your bride?"
Alak: "Uh, obviously Christie would throw a fit about this. Also, it's gross."
Casti: "We're threatened by this flouting of convention! Especially when we all risked marusha coming to your miscegenetic wedding in the first place! Time to get racist!"

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