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Children Of The Badlands
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Lots of alien stuff, but basically Romeo and Juliet blew up in everybody's faces, and now Daddy Capulet is going to kill Romeo even though Juliet just explained that Romeo didn't kill Tybalt, because now it's not even about Tybalt, it's about Romeo fucking his daughter. It was a posse that was about both things, so it's okay if now the posse is just about the one thing: As long as it's the thing in front of him.


With Sheriff Clancy lying dead on the floor and Amanda and Nolan staring at the bloodshed that's about to unfold, I guess we're lucky that Datak Tarr comes walking in with weapons of his own. Amanda runs to him and tells him to get his kid home, but he only goes after a bunch of shit-talking that makes sure everybody's still riled up.

Nolan: "How come everybody else gets to carry a gun?"
Amanda: "First of all, Nolan, shut up. I don't have time for your bullshit, and my Sherriff is dead, and I have to find whoever killed this kid so we can stop having race riots on Armistice Day."
Nolan: "I'll help! I am a post-apocalyptic drifter, I have amazing tracking skills."
Rafe: "You are no kind of Sherriff. And Deputy Tommy, you're a sweetheart, but you neither."
Nolan: "That is hurtful, and you have no idea who I even am. You're looking at the guy who brought in the Miami bomber, and presented Starren Dahrti with the head of his sister's murderer. I'll find your killer... For the right price!"

Irisa: "PS, Starren Dahrti's sister is alive and hates your guts."
Nolan: "It is more fun to tell lies all the time!"

Amanda: "Rafe, he's kind of awesome. Did you know he was a Defiant Fewer?"
Rafe: "Fine, I will give you twenty grand. Or zero, if you push me."
Amanda: "Great. But before I sign off on that, you have to promise not to kill the killer. We're going to have a trial. I am the Mayor, and also your track record is for shit considering it took you all of five minutes before you were waving a gun in a child's face."
Nolan: "We can do that."
Amanda: "Also, your incredibly and beautifully violent daughter has to stay in lockup while this is going on, because when we took away your weapons we didn't adequately understand that she is your number one weapon."
Nolan: "Damn right."


As with anything Tarr-related, taking a bath is a fucking chore. There's ladies-in-waiting (Castithan, although I guess downstairs it's Liberata) and a very coded "revealing the wife's body" ritual, and then finally Stahma gets in with Datak so he can immediately start bitching.

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