If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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Grateful Heart He's Gone Again
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This happened, which is fucking amazing. Alak and Christie are getting married next week, so I'm sure that'll go well. Amanda pissed off Olfin Tennety, so the E-Rep sent her ex, Connor Lang, to soften her up, and I guess he stuck around. Gale Harold is aging like a mighty fine wine. Amanda's predecessor Nicky Riordan believes something called the Kaziri is buried under the town, which requires a Key called a Kelevar that is one of the Kolovan? Did I get that right? Still no? How droll.


Everybody gots the plague! Alak Tarr on Raider Radio, broadcasting from the top of the Gateway Arch -- and yet still able to give Christie goony hand signals way down on the ground level -- explains the rules of the plague, aka the Irath Flu, aka viral hemorrhagic fever, and they are thus: Humans and Irathients both carry it, but Irathients don't get sick. (Which is ironic, considering everybody is always looking for a way to shit all over Irathients, and that'll do it.) Oh, and it's a skin-to-skin thing, not a breathing thing, which means both that it is very sad and meaningful -- due to everybody having emotional problems of a "touch me/don't touch me" type anyway -- and also that we get a funny moment of a Casti dude turning down the radio at this point so it won't bite into his breathing-mask sales to the panicked masses.

Six are dead, 21 are ill, Nolan and Amanda are both clearly coming down with it. (Drink every time anybody mentions that Nolan is sweating and/or looks like shtako! Congratulations, you were drunk by the time it took me to type those words.) Nolan is already feeling pretty bitchy -- due to Doc Yewll being a sketchy war criminal if you recall -- so he's at about a ten even though everybody needs him at a six right now.

Nolan: "Ah! How do you fight a plague?"
Yewll: "All we can do is contain it, keep 'em comfortable, and hope a cure arrives. A former colleague, Eren Niden, spent months working on an antiviral over in the video game. If we are lucky, one of the independent outposts will relay the message to San Francisco, and the players of the video game will shoot the cure at us in an ICBM."
Everybody: (Is dying.)
Amanda: "Nolan, are you coming down with the virus?"
Nolan: "Drink!"

Alak plays the Thermals, because listening to the Thermals makes you feel like you have the plague, and Christie notices a bunch of E-Rep trucks (not "rollers"?) on their way into town.

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